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Internet Marketing
Email Marketing is Everywhere.
You have a business email account. You know what we are talking about.

Email marketing providers are also everywhere. There is an abundance of email marketing solutions which give you a broad range of options for reaching your audience.
So, what is the best solution for my business? Good question.

You can go the self-serve route, but this has its share of problems -- missing or distorted images, formatting problems, and then of course, you need to do all of the work of corresponding and generating messages yourself. You could also go with a high-end provider, but this can be costly and might be overkill for what you want to do.

Your best solution? Go with us! We offer full-service content development (design & copywriting) and delivery (we actually send the emails for you) at very reasonable costs. BUILDINGBLOCKS can build, deploy and measure delivery of emails to your prospects and clients on a regular or one time basis. Contact us for a quote.

Our Email Marketing Solutions include the following...

  • E-Flyer Marketing Solutions & Campaigns
  • E-Newsletters
  • Design
  • Distribution
  • Tracking & Reporting (opens, clicks, bounces and much more)
  • Database Management (includes utilizing our database, your database or database purchasing services)

We believe that E-mail flyer marketing is still one of the best kept secrets! With this cost effective solution, you can promote and build your business faster, by truly reaching your target audience.

Why do companies do it? Because it works!

  • Extremely cost effective.
  • Reaches a large web-viewing audience instantly.
  • Creates new interest in your services.
  • Drives qualified leads to your website.
  • Demonstrates cutting-edge technology.
  • Supports other marketing strategies simultaneously.

PPC - Pay Per Click Services
Would you like to start advertising on the internet and just aren’t sure where to begin? Maybe you are already running a Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign but just don’t have time to manage it or it isn’t performing as well as you had hoped.

In either case, BUILDINGBLOCKS Media Group can help. We will get your advertisements listed on the major search engines (Google, Live (formerly MSN), AOL, Yahoo, ASK, and more) to start driving targeted internet searchers straight to your web site.

We make it easy to get your ad on search engines. This is a great opportunity to begin advertising on the internet and start seeing results. Even if you have a limited budget, we can create an internet marketing campaign that best suits your business. Learn how today.


My company and I have known Jason Hamilton & BUILDINGBLOCKS for over 7 years. We have been involved in printing many of their projects over that time period.

We really enjoy printing their designs, they are full of vibrant color. BUILDINGBLOCKS seems to capture the clients' message and conveys that message throughout their work. Further, Jason is a pleasure to work with. He always strives to understand his clients' needs and works diligently to fill those needs.

I wholeheartedly endorse BUILDINGBLOCKS Media Group, LLC to any group that desires to improve their public image.

Al Denson, Former CEO
KKP Business Solutions

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Clifton Davis

James Fortune


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