July 2012 Ignite Newsletter

Dear Prayer Igniter


Colin & Nancy

My precious Bride, Nancy and I just returned from magnificent Maui celebrating our 26th honeymoon.

The generous gift of a week’s timeshare from my brother Richard and my frequent flier miles enabled us to enjoy this holiday blessing. We rested, laughed, walked in magnificent sunsets on the beach, snorkeled amongst brilliantly colored fish and huge turtles, laughed more, danced and enjoyed the absolute beauty of God’s creation as we drove all over this magnificent island. We met several newlyweds who asked us about the SECRETS TO OUR JOY FILLED MARRIAGE.

  1. We intentionally “keep a honeymoon attitude” in our marriage in the way we talk to each other, and the way we talk about each other when we are apart. Remember the way you courted one another before your marriage? Intention your hearts and minds to romance and court afresh your precious spouse each day and God will honor these actions by enriching, refreshing and deepening your love for God and one another.

  2. We pray out loud together daily! This action alone hugely increases the success rates of any marriage. A George Barna survey on praying marriages shows that in both secular and Christian marriages the divorce rate is a tragic 50% but in marriages where the couples pray out loud together daily the divorce rate drops from 1 in 2 to 1 in 1,153!! That is a 99.86 % guarantee on a successful marriage. Prayer in a marriage is one of the greatest actions that Satan will do everything to stop, so be prepared for a battle, but get praying precious One!


I just have to let loose a shrill trill Chkk-Chirrrrrrrrrrrrr when God reveals His love for us in such clear and detailed ways. This happened many times in our trip but I wanted to share this particular one that was just awesome. Let me set this up! When my Sweetie and I pray together we almost every time will also include prayer for our sons, Nicholas and Christopher. Both sons are musically gifted; Nicholas playing the clarinet and Christopher the saxophone and both the piano as well.

VolcanoOne of the must dos in Maui is to go up the Haleakala volcano to 10,000ft and watch the sunrise! My Sweetie found this wonderful Kula Mountain Lodge at about 3,500ft, which would cut off a total of 3 hours drive time by staying there overnight! We had booked for the Tuesday night but at the last minute we switched to Monday. We arrived around 5pm and were in awe at the magnificent views from the dining room window.

We find out that the restaurant has live music but only on Friday and Saturday! BUT GOD!! One of their jazz musicians just happens to bowl in around 5:30pm that Monday and so agrees to perform that evening starting at 6pm! Then we discover the two instruments he plays are the saxophone AND the clarinet. Oh what a night God gave us with this magnificent sunset, the amazing cuisine and topped off with double instrument jazz music! God spoke so intimately saying: “This was My set up “JUST FOR YOU BOTH!” Chkk-Chirrrrrrrrrrrrr and “Thank You Jesus!”

I keep rediscovering that the more I pray the more I see our God at work and the more I see our God at work the more I am encouraged to pray. Would you take a minute and PRAY NOW! Just stop and thank Father for the relationships and gifts He has blessed you with in the many aspects of your life.

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