We decided to break our homeward journey by stopping overnight in San Francisco. We love staying in B&Bs and my Sweetie found a wonderful place called the Inn of San Francisco We caught the red eye from Maui landing at 5am renting a car and then arriving at The Inn at 6:30am!! We received the most incredible warm genuine hospitality from the family of staff and were actually given with no extra charge Breakfast on our early morning arrival then B&B again. We were checked into our room by 11:00am! Again we walked in the favor of our King! One of the staff is a very precious woman called Maria who has worked there for 23 years! We enjoyed several conversations with her that Thursday. I spoke the few words of Spanish I know to her as we left for Fisherman’s Warf late that morning: “Dios te bendiga and Christo te ama!” God bless you and Jesus loves you.

I want to encourage you today that those simple words of blessing spoken in a person’s heart language can change a life forever as you will see was the case in Maria’s life.

Declare God Bless You! Whenever you conclude a conversation with ANYONE just say/pray “GOD BLESS YOU”. Phone calls, text messages, emails, in and out of any and every store you may go into, the drycleaners, gas station or the mall. You will be amazed how God does BLESS people when you ask him to bless them! Funny thing isn’t it?

When we were leaving the next day God put Maria in our path again and she shared how she had been so impacted by my Spanish blessing that she had told her daughter! What we discovered when we asked Maria “What is the one thing we can pray for you personally today?” is that her daughter had been talking to her about salvation and said: “Mama you need to talk to these people some more, anyone who tells you Christo te ama knows Jesus!”

Maria had a sweet love for God but had no idea what it was to be saved or born again. Her daughter had been praying for her and God gave us the indescribable joy to share the gospel with her and Maria had the SON set in her life as she prayed with us to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior. It was a glorious celebration of new life in Christ to have as we parted with big hugs and another shrill trill Chkk-Chirrrrrrrrrrrrr of joy in Jesus

Good Morning Colin:

First and foremost, I want to THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to attend the prayer conference yesterday. I would have loved to stay yesterday and today, but the Holy Spirit is telling me to attend to current family concerns. I hope you keep me in mind for future conferences as I continue to grow in the Word and develop a deeper relationship with the Father.

You and Gary gave me a gift yesterday that I have never received before -- the power of praying in public. To be honest, as far as I can remember, I've never done it -- mainly because I let pride get in the way and concern myself with what others may think. Yesterday, those thoughts and feelings of pride and worry were erased and for the first time in 20 years I prayed with my family in a public restaurant. As I have tears in my eyes, I learned how to not let pride get in the way and humble myself and let God and the Holy Spirit guide me as I pray with others in public. This is a TREMENDOUS gift -- thank you so much to you and Gary for taking me to a higher level of understanding and peace with the Lord.

I pray everyday that God uses me in a mighty way to help others in the workplace and in their personal lives. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you -- I look forward to future conferences.

God bless you brother!

Faithfully yours,


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