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Have you ever had God interrupt your plans? He did mine this week so instead of Step 2 of the Luke-10-Transformation teaching, God radically collided my life with Pastor Rick Torrison revealing that He desired us to PRESS IN DEEP to STEP 1.

Have you ever prayed for the Fire of God to fall? Maybe you have sung the song with the chorus that says, fire fall down, fire fall down, fire fall down, I pray! Have you ever really thought about what you are asking? I work with a man named Doug Stringer and I was reading something he wrote a while back. He made the statement that God only sends one kind of fire, and that fire when it comes will bring either revival or judgment! Do you know what determines if it is a fire of revival or a fire of judgment? It is based on what the fire encounters when it comes! If the fire encounters sin it will bring judgment, but if it encounters humility, brokenness, clean hands and a pure heart it brings great revival (this is true both personally and corporately! So let me ask you a question, if God sent His fire to your life right now as you are reading this what would it find? This is the question the Holy Spirit confronted me with as I was singing for God’s fire to come and it brought the fear of the Lord all over me!

I cannot speak for you or give you my revelation, but I can share with you what I believe the Lord is doing and saying and you can judge for yourself! I share this with great fear and trembling! On August 6th we hosted a gathering in Houston called the Response. The ministry I serve was asked to mobilize the church in the nation to gather in Houston to pray for 7 hours, don’t eat anything (fast) and be prepared to repent for your sin and the sins of the church!

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Over 42 thousand people showed up, we had 80,000 hits on the web and over 1800 live streaming locations around the world! There were no speeches, not alter calls, no sermons! We gathered, worshipped, fasted and prayed prayers of repentance for 7 hours! Who does that? During the first 2 hours of the gathering I was confronted with Christians who cursed me, yelled at me and threatened me! I think they thought I was someone important! I found myself offended with God and these Christians, and as I brought my complaint before the Lord I found myself on the receiving end of His correction! You see we had prayed and fasted and consecrated ourselves for three months prior to August 6th praying for the Lord to fill the stadium with His presence and for the unity of the church! What I was experiencing seemed totally opposite of what we had prayed and I wanted answers! What I got humbled me and awakened my heart to something the Lord is doing across the earth! The Lord revealed to me that what these people were complaining about had nothing to do with me or the things they were complaining about! They had no idea what they were coming to! They did not have a grid for what they were encountering as they entered the stadium! God showed up and was in the house and many who came showed up thinking they were coming to an event and a nice prayer meeting! They had not prepared themselves for what they encountered.
Pastor Rick Torrison

Prayer Igniter Pastor Rick Torrison

They were being confronted by the love and kindness of God putting His finger on their sin and brokenness seeking to remove the things in their lives that were hindering them from experiencing the fullness of His love!


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