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One of the most delightful ways to confirm whether God is speaking to you was shared with us by a leader of the English 24/7-prayer movement. She said it like this: “A week ago I had what I thought was a very GOOD idea. Since then I have met three people with exactly the same GOOD idea. God nudged my thinking that this was probably not only a GOOD idea, but also a GOD idea! ” God was speaking to my friend! Next question:


Have you ever asked God for something and then not really stopped long enough to hear what He might say to you? I strongly encourage you to take some time away with the Lord, even half a day in a prayer room or a quiet park.
I have just returned from a 3 day God Alone time out at a beautiful spot called The Lodge on Lake Siesta near La Grange. This belongs to Bob and Nancy Styles, Mum and Step Dad to my precious Brother Chad McMillan.

Haven of Rest


What is now IPA, began 6 years ago when I was on the island of Aruba manning our hose and gasket onsite shop in a major Valero Refinery maintenance turnaround. In these opportunities we would normally do a minimum of $100,000 business in a 6 week period of time and by the 10th day we had not taken a single gasket order!!

I’d left the shop to join my very dear engineer/pastor friend Cedric Charles at a vision meeting for a School of Prayer. A man from Holland “just happened” to be sharing this Prayer Vision on the other side of the island. My heart was riveted to this man’s testimony. God had called him out of the marketplace to start “Schools of Prayer” wherever God led him! Then I heard God speak these words into my heart!

“Your gasket business is over! (So that is why there were no orders!!) This is what I want you to do (Start schools of prayer) and I will provide all your needs!”

Since that day God has used many of you to provide both prayer and financial support for the ministry of “Igniting Prayer Action” in an accelerated and wide variety of teaching opportunities. From my recent retreat God is calling to take next steps of faith in growing:


Like any adventure one is not sure what is coming around the next corner. I praise our precious King for how He is multiplying Prayer Igniters in the marketplace as you can see here through Sam Pyle’s testimony after attending a recent PRAY NOW workshop.

Dear Prayer Warrior Colin,
I have been around "church" all my life, been a Christian since 7, & my parents were in the ministry till I was age 15. I am now 44 years old and have NEVER experienced such a dynamic and enriched 2 hours of anything like that of the session you led Saturday at Carolina Creek. The authentic, real, Spirit filled engaging time was evidence that man can Experience God in all 3 forms and His power can and does flow through those whose hearts are pure and His.
All we have to do is be sensitive to His voice and be intentional!

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