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Precious Saints,
God truly does bring heaven to earth when you PRAY NOW for people HE puts in your path. Imagine your own life journey being peppered with prayer invasions of heaven as I share what God has done this month when I’ve asked my favorite question:
“If there is one thing I could pray for you personally, what would it be?”

Though I barely have reason for a haircut, when I go, I go with intentional expectancy at what God is going to do. It was the day before I flew to California for the GMO simulcast with Online Missions and as I brushed my hair I thought: “Oops I need a haircut, but really do not have time it’ll be OK!” Then clearly in my heart I hear God whisper: “It’s not about your haircut it’s about the hairdresser!” I responded out loud, “Yes Lord I’m on my way.” I’m sitting down and introduce myself to a young Chinese girl and when she asks how I am, I say: “Oh deeply blessed and you?” “Yes I am also blessed.” So I sense there’s no need for small talk and ask my favorite question! Iris, (Not her real name) responds: “Really! Can I be totally honest and open with you?”

“Yes of course Iris.” I say very gently and encouragingly, “That is why I am asking you.” Well I am blown away at the hugeness of her response and the genuine heart compassion with which she says: “Could you pray for God to take all the homeless of the streets?”

“Oh my goodness, Iris, that is a huge prayer! ”As I prayed the “SON” light filled the salon. We talked about how God could start by using her to help one person get off the streets. The next day she connected with my dear ministry partner Colleen Bass and Iris and a friend went on Saturday to feed the homeless at Compassion United in Conroe. You too can be a conduit of God’s grace to see God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Will you pause now and BE STILL?
Intension your heart with expectancy to hear the nudging of His Spirit and ask this question:
“Precious Lord, do You want me to grow as a Christ influencer in the every day circumstances of my life?”

As you hear God’s response we invite you to mark your calendar!

Jason L. Hamilton, President of the Woodlands Christian Business Network (WCBN) and I will be facilitating,


Friday and Saturday, September 7th and 8th, 2012 in The Woodlands, TX. More details coming soon!


As you know from our IGNITE Newsletters I have traveled a lot these past 8 weeks and so I try to take every moment I can to court and romance my Darling and ever more precious wife, Nancy.
We had a spur of the moment lunch together last week and even though I was considering the “No Ministry to Others Except my Darling” boundary our young waiter was a particularly sincere and openhearted man in his actions and attitude.

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