Dear Prayer Igniter ,

PLEASE! Will your read, pray and act on what God says to you through this issue of Ignite. This is my deepest heart cry to you in being God's instrument of Igniting Prayer Action.


Please join me as I share a call to IGNITNG PRAYER ACTION from my heart and a prayer to our God?

Then will you listen and act in accordance to “THE RESPONSE” God calls you to make.

Have you ever realized that:

Doo-doo/trouble just happens, but Prayer does not!

You have to intention your heart and mind to pray and often when you do literally all hell will break loose to prevent you from prayer. Satan’s greatest fear and the thing that most promptly puts him to flight are the prayers of God’s Saints.

Satan’s plays to stop you to pray!

  • Think about a recent challenge you have faced and how difficult it may have been to actively engage the heart of God in prayer.

  • How often do you pray out loud with your spouse or your children?

  • When you get in an argument is prayer with that person the first action of your heart?

  • If you have a dry or unfulfilled prayer life the enemy is being successful in keeping you from intimacy with our Father.

These are two strong definitions I have used before but they bear repeating:

1) “Prayerlessness” is our declaration of independence from God

2) “Prayerfulness” is our declaration of dependence upon God


Colin Millar - Pray Now!

There is a war we have to wage in order to live a prayer filled life individually. When the life of our Nation is at stake there is little wonder that all kinds of barriers, arguments, law suites have been raised in an attempt to prevent the people of God from humbling ourselves and seeking God’s face in this NATIONAL SOLEMN ASSEMBLY that has been called for August 6th at The Reliant Stadium.




“Oh precious Father, we praise You that no matter what or who you have used to call this Solemn Assembly the fact remains that YOU are calling, us, Your people to humble ourselves and pray, to seek Your face and turn from our wicked ways. Dear Lord will You speak to each of our hearts individually as to how You desire us to make our “RESPONSE” to this call to pray, in Jesus name, amen.”

Special Note: The congregation of HopePointe is chartering busses for this event and is inviting you and your congregation to “ride with them”. Their plan is to depart from the HopePointe campus (8:00 AM departure) travel to Reliant Stadium and then return to the HopePointe Campus at 6:00 PM. Round trip cost is $15.00.

If you have any questions about the transportation…please don’t hesitate to contact Clark Lowenfield at

God Moves! Fern Nichols, Founder of Moms In Touch will come to Solemn Assembly in Houston.

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