Dear Prayer Igniter


As I write this edition of IGNITE Pete Clayton and I are flying back from Jakarta Indonesia. We had been invited to represent Global Media Outreach as intercessors on the Leadership Facilitation Team for the World Prayer Assembly to be held May 14th-18th in Jakarta. I share Pete’s testimony as to how God has called him to be an igniter of Prayer Igniters.

“Chkk-Chirrrrrrr” the Woodland Kingfisher call of JOY has become a vibrant part of my life, because, it’s being lived out in front of me with such authenticity, passion & love by my precious Boetie (“beloved brother”) Colin! Walking in deep friendship with Colin these past two years I have “caught” what it means to live the PRAY NOW lifestyle of a Prayer Igniter. I have also been richly blessed by his “School of Prayer” teaching on the IPA website and accepted Colin’s “pray it forward” challenge to become a generational Prayer Igniter. This led to me extending the same challenge to two close friends Aaron & Taylor.
The wedding picture shows:

Pete, Aaron & wife Keri

Colin Millar - Pray Now!

What a privilege and deep joy it has been to walk them through the same “prayer igniter” training & then watch them teach others – LEARN; LIVE; TRAIN! Colin’s ministry through IPA has radically impacted my life for His Kingdom & I will be forever thankful that Jesus caused our path’s to cross…!

I’d love to encourage you to join me and pray now:
“Dear Lord Jesus, please fill me with Your Holy Spirit and give me a deep passion for the lost. Help me to see when You open doors for me to pray for people. Give me a boldness to share my testimony and lead others to You through salvation, in Jesus name I pray, amen.”

In December I attended a 4-day Training For Trainers (T4T) a Church Planting Movement best practices training. I joined a team of WoodsEdge church staff, Amy Weimer from Global Media Outreach and 250 other leaders from across the nation.

God changed both my heart and my mental paradigm in how I do and train in prayer evangelism. The story that follows is what happened as I’d read the book and began to put into practice the teaching we received.
On the first evening of our arrival in Wheaton Chicago I went to dinner with my dear friend Jeff Eckart from Claim Your Campus and Amy Weimer.


As Jennifer brought menus and took our order I:
** ASKED THE QUESTION: “Jennifer, we are going to ask a blessing on our food, if there was one thing we could pray for you tonight what would it be?” As often happens when asking this question, she was deeply taken aback that we should offer to pray for her. She answered: “Yes please could you pray for my 4 year old son?”

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