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Because Precious Brothers Pray!
Praying Brothers

Matthew 18:5 “Whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of of heaven.”

I recently facilitated a prayer retreat with our Global Media Outreach (GMO) Team in Indianapolis. I had the joy to stay with a family with three boys pictured above.

While having breakfast the Holy Spirit prompted me to ask one of the boys: “Has God been putting any country especially on your heart this week?” He thought and said: “ENGLAND!” His parents were surprised, as they’d expected China, which they had been praying for as a family! They didn't realize that their son even knew there was such a country. I serve as an Online Missionary (OM)) and “just happened” to have answered an email from England the day before.

That night we’d prayed with the boys and they’d gone to bed. As their parents and I started off to bed, we heard the boys still talking! We were amazed at what we heard: “Who shall we pray for next, Japan” and then we heard them say: “Dear Lord, please will you draw the people in Japan close to You so that they will be saved, amen.” They also prayed for their mom, dad, me and for South Africa (my birth place) and England (my parents birth place). As they prayed our hearts just melted and tears rolled down my cheeks as these precious brothers prayed with such faith and simplicity.

Colin Millar - Pray Now!

ANSWERED PRAYER! The next morning, I had an email from my seeker living in England who told me he was from South Africa! WOW! How personally did God speak to us and I heard God say “THIS IS WHAT I WILL DO WHEN YOU GET MY CHILDREN TO PRAY!”

So! What's GMO all about?

Millions of people search for God every day - online. Global Media Outreach, an Internet ministry, has websites where thousands of people each day learn about the Good News of Jesus and connect with Online Missionaries through e-mail.

An Online Missionary responds to people from all over the world who have requested follow-up from one of our sites. You can pray for them, help them begin discipleship or just encourage them with scripture if they are working through relationship, financial and other spiritual issues.

In 2011 Global Media Outreach welcomed more than 156 Million visitors to our websites and we saw over 19 Million Indicated Decisions for Christ!

Global Media Outreach is an Internet Kingdom connecting point between searching/hurting people all over the world and our Lord Jesus Christ. Watch live at and see God’s daily Salvation Invasion of The Nations right before your eyes! Now ask God to see if He may call you to serve as an Online Missionary discipling and reaching people from different countries every day right from your computer or I-Phone. Go to click on “Get Involved” to become an Online Missionary. Please mention IGNITE if you are led to become and Online Missionary.


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