July 2012 Ignite Newsletter

Dear Prayer Igniter

Why Impact 2013

“Lord God as I read “Ignite” please show me how You could use my prayers to impact marriage partners, neighbors and nations, in Jesus name I pray, amen.”  God can use our simple obedience in the ordinary routine of life to open doors that bring explosive freedom for His glory.

I was prayer running early one morning in 1995 when God put a man running in the opposite direction momentarily in my life! God used my 5-word proclamation “Good morning! God bless you!” creating a kairos moment~ A God appointed time~ that resulted in bringing Godʼs specific call on my life into laser intense focus! 

Just last week I called my very dear friend Bob Stein who together with his precious bride, Lynn, now lives in Tyler Texas. I thanked him for stopping in his tracks at 5:30am nearly 18 years ago and then we praised God together in prayer. Why did Bob stop?

You see, Bob and I share a deep, continuously growing and passionate love for our Lord Jesus so when he heard my joy filled “God bless you!” that morning a flash of lightening ignited in him. Our hearts for Jesus were like a tuning fork and a piano when they hit the same pitch! Immediately we testified to our love for Christ and prayed briefly before resuming our run together!

An iron sharpening iron friendship grew rapidly and four years later Bob mentored me in a seven-week journey to discover Godʼs specific purpose for my life.

My Purpose is to: Encourage Prayer
In 2005 a series of Kairos moments happened:

  • My precious Bride put her hand on my arm
    saying: “Itʼs time to do what the passion of your heart is to do full time.”

  • I was 5 days into a Valero Refinery turnaround on the island of Aruba and had not taken a single order. Never had that happened to me in 18 years of gasket business.
  • That same 5th day a dear Valero friend, engineer/pastor, Cedric Charles invites me to a meeting of pastors to hear the testimony of Pastor Dan, a Dutch Businessman turned to Jesus. Dan shared how God had called him out of the marketplace to start “Schools of Prayer” everywhere.

  • God spoke unmistakably into my heart saying: “The gasket business is over! This is what I have called you to do and I will provide all your needs!”

  • Then through a budding friendship with Director of New Haven House of Prayer, Hank Marion I served a 3 year Prayer Igniter internship learning at a whole new level the purpose and power of prayer.

Why I urge you to register and attend impact 2013? This will be a Kairos moment in your life. When you attend this conference:“what you considered possible for your life before will expand beyond anything youʼve ever imagined. The way you approach God and experience Him in every day life will change. Radically. Suddenly. Irreversibly.” Quote from“Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick, get it read it..

Impact is the annual conference at New Haven House of Prayer that aims to empower & equip the church in prayer. At the impact conference you will receive insight on the purpose & power of prayer. You will be equipped in how to begin a congregational prayer ministry as well as given the tools to take a congregational prayer ministry to the next level. You will leave this conference understanding why a community prayer center is important.

This conference includes powerful teaching, seminar sessions with targeted topics as well as prophecy and healing rooms. For more information regarding conference details and schedule visit newhavenhop.com/impact then register today!


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