Then after a couple of years of that negative voice tone, you wake up and you are miles apart in your hearts and a zero on intimacy!


A Christmas Love Poem for my Bride, 1995

You are my Sweetheart; you are the joy of
my life,
You are my best friend and a graceful
loving wife,
You encourage me in your quiet and
faithful way,
You restrain me on an odd entrepreneurial stray.
There is no doubt that our Lord allowed
me to see,
Not only your beauty, but also, that you’re perfect just for me.
We are so fortunate to have been chosen
by Jesus,
For our two sons, that He’s given in part to please us.
And how I chuckle when you say that you
are cold,
Knowing the only thing that’ll warm you is my loving hold.
What would you like for Christmas?
I’ve asked you once or twice
And since I had no answer I decided to
roll the dice.
Guess what my Love? I was blessed with two sets of pairs!
A Mummy and Daddy, two brothers,
And all four dressed as bears!
I love you

Words Quoted From Renew Thy Vows by Francis J. Roberts in Come Away My Beloved
“Ye shall sit alone in a desolate place and grieve in thy loneliness; but it shall not be that I have left thee, but ye have become insensitive to My presence.

”I will not leave you comfortless” (John 14:18) It is the purpose of My heart to fellowship with thee closely. I am turned away by thy unresponsiveness; by thy preoccupation with things and with people; by thy thoughtlessness and indifference.

Some have lost Me by the sin of rebellion; but I warn thee that you may lose Me by the subtle way of simple inattention. Confess thy coldness, and draw near to Me; and I will make My personal presence real to thee again. I will hold thee close to My heart and I will let thee hear My voice.

RENEW THY VOWS, and I will revive thy ministry. There is a life ahead for thee into which ye could not have entered before. There is a work ready for thee and I have prepared thee for it. It is too wonderful to miss. It shall be silent and powerful. I shall cause the veil to drop, and you shall enter a new area of experience. You shall be given knowledge in My Spirit that is not to be found in books. I will share with thee My thoughts, and who can tell the sum of them? Ye shall partake of the mind of Christ and of the Holy Spirit of God.

Ye shall serve Me in ways ye have never heard of before. It is My work. I have laid it out for thee. Keep clear of man’s work. Stay free to do Mine. You shall not miss it if ye keep close to Me and stay sensitive to My Spirit. No one else can do what I have reserved for you; bless Me and I will bless you!”

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Chkk-Chirrrrrrrrr and Alleuiah!

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