Engagement in the Eternal

It is with deep joy and great honor that we welcome Ashley Kaye Austin as our daughter-to-be and Christopherʼs fiancée. She, too has a deep love for our Lord Jesus and both my Sweetie and I were overwhelmed at the Aggie Station engagement party with all the precious Sisters-in-Christ that Ashley is discipling and mentoring.

Praise God! Christopher & Ashley Engaged

I recently became engaged to the girl of my dreams! The months leading up to the moment that I asked her were a few of the most sanctifying months of my life. The Lord had birthed a passion for His Word in my heart towards the beginning of the summer and has continued to faithfully mature that love since then. As I have been spending time in His Word, in some sense preparing to commit myself to Ashley in engagement, the Lord continued to put a thought in my heart. As I read through the Scriptures and examined my life, I could not escape the idea of the temporary versus the eternal.

I am about to graduate from Sam Houston State University with a very respectable GPA, an exciting future ahead of me, and an incredible community that I have been blessed to be a part of. That is all well and good except for the fact that when I stand before the sovereign God of the universe, I do not think He will ask me about my GPA. I donʼt think He will ask me about the papers that I wrote or the tests that I took. I donʼt even think He will ask me how I proposed to the girl of my dreams, regardless of how romantic the evening was! I was chatting with a dear youth pastor friend of mine the day that I was planning on proposing and the Lord put the “temporary versus eternal” idea on my heart again. I heard His small, quiet voice say to me “Chris, how will tonight impact eternity?” At the moment, I didnʼt really have a good answer.

After taking Ashley out to a very nice dinner, graciously and surprisingly provided by my parents, we went out to Lake Bryan to look at the stars by a campfire. I knew that I had two options:

I could enjoy a romantic evening in which I would romance her and make no mention of God or any eternal value; or I could pursue the heart of my Father at the same time as loving and serving His daughter. After singing a song I had learned on guitar for Ashley, I got on my knee and asked her to marry me. She said yes! Shortly after, she asked me if we could pray together. Thank the Lord for blessing me with a woman who understands that the eternal things are far more important! At that moment, through the intimacy of prayer, the two of us engaged the eternal. We stopped, while staring up at the starry sky, and had communion with our Father. We praised Him for who He was and what He had done in our lives. We thanked Him for the gifts that He has given to us and we allowed a beautiful moment to become eternal.

At the end of our lives we will stand before God and give an account of our actions. As Ashley and I now move into a season of planning and preparation, the world tells us that there are many things that need to me taken care of. God says otherwise. God says that we must love Him, love people, and make disciples; doing all these things for the glory of His Name.

The Lord gave this prayer to us for the season that we are entering into:

“Father, as we plan this exciting day, may we first and foremost remember the eternal. May we examine each aspect of our thoughts and desires and place them before You. May all that we do engage the eternal and make an impact in Your Kingdom and God, if we do not, may you quickly humble us and bring us back to our knees. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

Ministry Opportunity...

Christopher, has an exciting opportunity from the Lord to interview preach at Mesquite Hill Baptist Church in Madisonville Texas next Sunday 16th December 2012. WILL YOU PRAY NOW?

Lord, use Christopher to bring a blessing of Your love and joy to this congregation who then in turn would be emboldened to share the joy of Jesus with all you put in their paths so that neighbors and nations will be changed, in Jesus name we pray. Amen"

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