July 2012 Ignite Newsletter

Dear Prayer Igniter


It was a cold December morning and at 4:20am I clearly heard in my head and heart “Get Up, Get Up!” So I did, went to the “loo” and, ignoring the instruction, reset my alarm to 5:30 and snuggled back under the covers!

Again I heard in my heart “Get up, Get up!” Well this time I did get up and when I sat at my “Quiet Place” I opened a devotional book called “Come Away My Beloved” by Frances J. Roberts. Get it and use it, God will bless you. I never knew I had this book, till it appeared from amidst my bookcase, just the day before!

I sensed it was something in here that the Lord wanted me to see! In my prayer time with my Sweetie the night before I’d said: “Lord, I think I know what I’m to write in the Ignite N/L but if there is something different in Your heart, please tell me what it is?”

Since being in Maui in September and refreshing the “Honeymoon Anointing” on our lives the Lord has been revealing a teaching on how to walk in a permanent “Honeymoon Anointing”. In the first three months of 2013 the Lord has opened 3 different opportunities to teach and encourage couples toward building prayer saturated marriages. So with all this in the foreground I knew it was God’s hand guiding when I opened “Come Away My Beloved” and there on Page 182 was the title “RENEW THY VOWS”


With Jesus

With Our Spouse

My Sweetie and I found this beautiful little chapel on our recent trip to Maui! We walked in, then down the isle and renewed our marriage vows with each other and before the Lord! It was spontaneous and beautiful. Both our marriage to our spouse (To your family if you are not married) and our relationship with Jesus contain many of the same core elements: Life long commitment, unconditional love and servant listening hearts, are just a few. So although there are two different relational tracks Jesus is the way, the truth and the life for both of them.

As I share some insights to renewing your vows in both of these relationships would you PRAY NOW with me? “Precious Lord, as we enter this new year of 2013 I commit to love You and my spouse/family with all my heart, mind and strength. Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit and tenderize my heart oh Lord. Release me from heart blockages Lord to love you and my spouse/family in fresh and exhilarating ways, help me Lord to love like You love, in Jesus name I pray, amen.”

My Grandfather’s Oak Desk
Is My “Quiet Place”

As I sat in my quiet place early this morning I meditated on, then renewed my vows to the Lord and my Precious Darling in prayer. The Holy Spirit immediately began to honor my vows and began to convict me of a non-loving voice tone I had used a couple of times over the Christmas holiday, with my Darling Nancy.

The enemy of course hates it when we are awakened to refresh our relationships in love. So here is my stinking thinking: “Yes I know it was wrong, I see that, now let me get on with my reading.” The Holy Spirit had me agree that I needed to confess this out loud to Him in prayer and then to do the same with Nancy!

Easy right! No Way! Each little step was a battle, fighting against the spirits of pride, self-justification and just plain disobedience! Even as you read these words God may be bringing things up in your heart that need to be brought into the open:
Just be still for a few minutes and ask God to show you any heart blockages you have with Him or your spouse/family.

As I did confess, ask for forgiveness and then prayed with my Darling this morning God brought a renewed intimacy between us and with Him. Little things can have big impact; you know the expression “The devil is in the details”? That’s how he deceives us into thinking: “That’s so small a problem it won’t matter.”

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