Dear Prayer Igniter ,

It’s Wednesday 17th August 2011; I’m on a solo retreat at The Lodge, a beautiful B&B in “The Bush” 10 miles from La Grange Tx. Inn Keeper and friend, Bob Stiles (Chad McMillan’s step dad) had said: “Sit still, right here at this window and between 8:10-15pm you will see the deer come right up to the feeder!”

Sure enough, at 8:13pm the first doe with large sad looking eyes, glancing every which way, steps hesitatingly and nervously towards the feeder.

Over the next 20 minutes I watched in awe at God’s magnificent creations. Just 12 feet in front of me, 3 doe and their young skittishly moved backwards and forward eating, as they felt safe to do so. If the does saw me move they would spring away and then God gave me a picture.Nervous Deer


These nervous deer act just like our minds think and our bodies move when it comes to praying with someone or trying to engage with them to share the Gospel! Fear hits us and we run!

Let us be Over Comers together!!

Do you know that only 4% of a congregation actively shares their faith in Christ on a regular basis?

Whichever side of this %line you fall into God desires for you to enlarge your borders. (1Chron 4:10 Prayer of Jabez) As a believer you ARE A FULL TIME MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL, where ever God has you and whatever you do.


Colin Millar - Pray Now!

In this
Series of Four IGNITE Newsletters
I will share...

The Luke-10-Transformation Teaching (Read Luke 10:1-9)

Four simple steps that can engage your heart with God’s through prayer, transforming both your life and those He puts around you every day.

STEP 1: Bless
STEP 2: Build relationships
STEP 3: Meet needs, heal the sick
STEP 4: Tell about Jesus


Luke 10:5 Whatever house you enter first say, “Peace be to this house.”

Let us PRAY NOW:

“Lord God in heaven, please forgive me for my prayerlessness. Grow me as Your child of unceasing prayer. Help me Father to be transformed by the renewing of my mind and Lord, make STEP 1 of Luke-10-T a part of my every day life in Jesus name I pray, amen.”

If you are a person that:

  • Is between the ages of 4 and 104
  • Wants to love Jesus
  • Wants to live a life that pleases Jesus

Then no matter how:

  • Introverted or shy
  • Busy or stretched
  • Impossible you might think this is for you
  • Much responsibility you have or have not

You can become a person that lives out The Great Commandment and The Great Commission as a regular part of your life every day. So please TAKE 5 more minutes with me as I describe part of my STEP 1 BLESS day from Wednesday 17th August...

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