July 2012 Ignite Newsletter

Dear Prayer Igniter


Is God talking to you about your prayer life?

If you hear Him, and you are in conversation with Him, even though you might have trials, life for you is abundant. When you pray and share Jesus, life is an adventure of joy as you walk in a triumphant procession communing with our King on a regular basis.

Maybe, however, God is talking to you and you are ignoring Him, either knowingly or unknowingly.
Maybe you do hear Him but your mind is full of excuses:

  • Pray with my spouse and children daily, that’s impossible!
  • Me! Pray out loud! No way!
  • I am too embarrassed to ask someone if I can pray for them
  • What if they say “NO”
  • I’m too busy to stop and pray.

Satan hates it when we converse with God and he will send excuses like these plus a thousand others to barrage our minds and raise up that most deadly of sins in us that of “PRIDE”.

When we ignore God’s invitation to turn to Him in prayer, whether to pray alone with God, with our spouse, our children, a friend or a stranger, if we humble ourselves and ask why did I not pray Lord it often comes back to our pride.

I was at WoodsEdge Wednesday Prayer Night when our dear friend, Pastor Jeff Wells had just returned form his sabbatical. Jeff called the whole community to press even more deeply into the Lord through prayer.

I quote Jeff:
“We must always connect prayer to God with the presence of God, and then we can connect the presence of God with the power of God.”
I’m going to share several “Conversations with God” that I believe God has “SET UP” just to call you to deepen your pursuit of intimacy with Jesus and pray these will encourage you to:

Attend and Send a friend to the
Transformation Igniting Prayer
Conference. Sept 7th & 8th Go to: ww.ignitingprayeraction.org and register today!

Wrong number = Divine Appointment
By: Colin Z. Smith
Yesterday, around 8am my phone rang. I didn't recognize the number and, under ordinary circumstances (which I'll get back to in a moment), I would have let the call go to voicemail. But this morning I decided it may be in my best interest to pick up the phone. So i did.
A voice came back, "Brandon?".
Brandon is my brother, but I'm not sure of the nature of the call, so I reply, "I'm afraid that you have the wrong number."
"Colin?" The voice replies.
"Yes?" I'm confused at this point.
"This is Colin!" Of course it is, the voice suddenly unmistakable. (South African Colin)

And we chat briefly about how Colin had dialed the wrong number and why he was calling for my brother. As we are nearing the end of our conversation, something truly inspiring happened. Colin who, mind you, I haven't talked to on the phone in quite some time -- years maybe-- and called me in human error, asks me this, "Well, since this is a divine appointment, before I let you go, is there any one thing that I can pray for you about, brother?" I was slack-jawed!

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