"Actually, there is..."  You see, I lost my job last week.  The company that I worked with, for over 8 years, went through some layoffs due to budgetary constraints and I was one of the casualties, so I am currently looking for a job.  I answered the phone that morning, from a number that I didn't know, because I thought that it may be someone calling about a resume that I'd sent out or that I'd posted or shuffled through a friend or, or, or...  but instead it was Colin Millar acting as an agent of encouragement from our Mighty God.  God used this "errant" (which, it clearly wasn't) phone call to affirm His presence in my life, and in my job search.  This was a small gesture by Colin, but a true moment of power and grace by my LORD and Savior.

So my takeaway is this.  Through as small a gesture as asking a friend if you can support them in prayer, God can make his presence indisputable in his / her life.  You, as the friend, may never know the impact of your willingness to be used as an agent of God's grace and mercy, but that doesn't mean that you are not leaving an indelible imprint on the lives of those around you. 
You've been an inspiration to better seek opportunities to pay forward the kindness and friendship that you have shown me.  You may never fully know how your phone call has impacted me today, but my hope is that I can pass this moment of God's grace on to another.

Be encouraged to seek opportunities to let the Lord use you through prayer and I truly believe that He will. ~~ Colin Smith

Colin Z. Smith: Accomplished project manager with 8+ years of project management experience obtained in strategic positions in business-to-business publishing. Professional, adaptable, creative and service-oriented with an appreciation for the power and value of teamwork: For Colin Smith’s full resume please email: colin@fuseboxopera.com

Working Late = Divine Appointment
By: Andy Norman " God works all things for the good."
A few nights ago as I was working late at my job, I had a wonderful Holy Spirit encounter. As I was programming away figuring out how to solve some work related issues, a cleaning lady came past my office. I looked up and said "Hello" and introduced myself.  She did as well. She said her name was "Felice". As we chatted, I felt God's

presence and felt prompted to ask her if I there was something I could pray for her about.  Immediately her demeanor changed; she looked overcome and visibly shaken. She said, "Why did you ask me that?"
I said that perhaps the Lord had prompted me to ask her. Her eyes welled up with tears. She said, "Does something show on my face or anything?".  I said "No". I also told her it was fine to feel vulnerable, that God's presence was here and it was OK.
She asked me to pray for a relationship issue she was having in her life. She went on to share some deep challenges she had had with a man she just broke up with. We spent a few minutes talking through relationships and God and I shared with Felice, God's desire for her to be connected to Him first. It was really an awesome few minutes that God had orchestrated. I wrote Felice's name down in my prayer journal and have been praying for her. 
I realize that, in my natural mind, all I knew that night was that I needed to work late to get work done. It wasn't what I really wanted to do, but there it was. By God's grace, I got to see how He can work ALL things for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose.
To God, be the GLORY!  ~ Andy Norman

By: Colin C. Millar

Precious Saint,
Imagine you are in heaven and there is a line of people saying thank you, to you. After attending the Transformation Igniting Prayer Conference you had become a lot more intentional about praying for people.
As your PRAY NOW Lifestyle grew, you discovered that some of the people you prayed for had a need for salvation and prayed with you to receive Jesus as Lord. The adventure level of your life escalated and you began to encourage others to grow as Prayer Igniters.

Precious One, will you make an eternal investment?
Go to our website and register to attend and send 2 friends to The Transformation Igniting Prayer Conference 7th-8th September at
Crossroads Student Center.

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