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I am praising our Father for how He acts on our behalf when we wait upon Him. (Isaiah 64:4) As you read this, I am once again in Zimbabwe, though I wrote this sitting in Paul Friedman’s amazing experience of God in the delightful South African cuisine at his Peli*Peli Restaurant.

I dare you to PRAY NOW with me!


It is Saturday 28th May at 7am and I am checking in for my next flight at JFK having just arrived from Zimbabwe. Sadie has completed my check in and seeing no-one behind me I leaned in close to the counter and said to Sadie: “Thank you for being so helpful toward me, if there was one thing I could pray for you personally what would it be?”

“Oh my goodness” says Sadie, “You are an answer to my mother’s prayers! She has been praying for 2 years that I come back to the Lord. Please pray that God give me a passion and zeal for His presence and promises for my life.”


Colin Millar - Pray Now!

I prayed a couple of scriptures, Ephesians 1:18 and Psalm 42:1-2 over Sadie’s life and then we talked some more. The Lord protected our space for 20 minutes and then Sadie prayed a passionate prayer of absolute recommitment of her life into the Lord’s hands, called her Pastor and we are working on

Sadie flying me and my Sweetie back to New York on free tickets to preach at their church later this year! YES! Precious Saints, God opens all kind of hearts and adventures when we simply stop and PRAY NOW! NOW!!


This is our 7th year in our home at 62 Fire Flicker Place and across the street is a couple Bob and Geri who are now in their 80s. We have prayed for Bob and Geri, shared the love of Christ, taken them to a Priority Associates luncheon to hear a clear Gospel message, but Bob had declared he was an agnostic and that he did not need this god-stuff. Over this past year both their health’s have deteriorated, Bob being hospitalized twice with heart problems. 4 months ago, Bob’s son Bob Jnr. arrived to care for him and his step Mom. God put our paths and hearts together. Bob Jnr. Has a hunger for the Word and soon recommitted his life to Jesus, came with us to church several times and I discipled him daily with text message Bible reading instructions.

“The Bobs” began to pop round quite frequently and we began to pray together and read the Word of God out loud over Bob Snr. And the Father opened his heart to grace. There have been multiple little incidents to go into their home and pray over Geri with “The Bobs” too and then suddenly on Thursday 9th June it was “Today is the day of salvation”

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