Dear Prayer Igniter


When Jacob awoke from his ladder-to-heaven dream he said: "How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven!"

Let us PRAY NOW: "Father, as I journey with Colin in today’s" IGNITE stories, will You open my eyes and intention my heart to Pray Now opportunities in the every day rhythm of my life, because they are the GATE OF HEAVEN thank You Lord, in Jesus name, amen."

Because I fly a lot I now and again get a free First Class upgrade and I’m always expectant of these upgrades. So I was early for my flight and went up to the 2 ground staff at the gate to simply greet and thank them for being there to serve that day.

"How can we help you?" one asked: "Oh no I just wanted to say thank you!" and sat back down! Well a few minutes later they call my name to come to the counter!!

In my heart I’m already celebrating: "Oh yes Lord thank You for my upgrade Lord!" Well this is what I hear as they both pull toward me in a whisper: “Sir we wanted to offer you a different seat because next to you in the bulkhead is a person in a wheelchair with a service dog that might cramp your leg space.

My immediate response is: "While I appreciate your concern for my comfort, I ABSOLUTELY want to meet this dear service woman and her dog."

Within a few minutes of meeting Lisa and her 3 X life saving service dog, Annie, we’re before the throne of grace in prayer.


I cried out, amidst liquid prayers (tears) for God’s forgiveness for the atrocities and offenses caused by fellow Christians against this precious yet deeply wounded warrior.

Lisa had also been blown up by a mortar while serving in Afghanistan in 2011. Despite all this as we prayed God opened her heart to share about a dream and vision she has to minister to fellow PTSD warriors and sent me this email the next day.


  • A large 300-acre piece of land with the ability to expand.

  • In the middle a huge lake full of fish.

  • Around it the start of cabins for wounded warriors with PTSD and TBI who have a need to find peace and a family home that will not judge but expect them to be all that they can be.

  • Closer to the entrance I see a community center where people who make the miracle of all things coming -work.

  • I see walking, hiking trails and horse pins for rescue horses, and rescue pups.

My dream is for solar panels to be used for power source, water wells, gardens and cows and pigs. I want this to be a self sufficient place for a growing number of soldiers that people have no idea about.

I had this all drawn out but when my husband and I divorced my papers have been lost.

So many people say to me but when you do this how will you feed them? Jesus only had 7 pieces of food and he fed thousands. I can only pray when those doors open up and people start coming for help, I can only believe, as Christ asked those so many years ago to believe.

I hope this helps with my conversation with you, sir. You were like an Angel God sent to me that day I didn't know why or who cared anymore then all of a sudden you were talking to me through my fog of pain. And I thank you, sir. Lisa

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