Last Sunday, I’m walking into church next to Dave Dorcas and I hear the Lord saying: "Ask him if he and Laura have been talking/praying about wounded warriors?" I do and David tears up immediately staring at me in wonder and says: "Yes we have for the past three months!" I share the Lisa dream story and forward her email. I have talked and prayed with Lisa twice since then and we are arranging a meeting with the Dorcas family. I believe God is calling me to challenge you to engage in one or all of these 3 ways.

  • If you are a part of God bringing Lisa’s dream into reality, or called to be on her PIT Crew please call me today: Colin (832) 515-7022
  • Maybe you have a dream, like Lisa did, that has been covered up and God wants you to believe Him for it to become a reality.
  • Will you be a daily PRAY NOW IGNITER?


  • ♦ If you are a follower of Jesus Christ
  • ♦ If you have ever prayed: "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven"

Then because praying is His will and God commands us to pray without ceasing and pray for one another, it is very clear that He has, He does and will continue to ask us to pray for others. When we do He often brings Jesus joy and sometimes tears splashing in and through our lives as we pray.


It was 5:50am and I was in the midst of a hard, hour long, workout, in my "Prayer-ercise "Spinning Class" at 24- hour Fitness.
Suddenly while I was in prayer I hear the Lord say clearly in my heart: "I want you to go down stairs and pray for the young man at the reception desk."

I argued with the Lord in my mind saying, "Lord, I’m in the middle of my spinning class, come on!"
WOW that was not the right response. I hear back: "You mean to say that young man’s life is less important than your exercise!!"

I was down stairs in 3 minutes saying: "Excuse me Sir this may sound really wacky but the Lord just told me to come down and ask you:
"If there was ONE thing I could PRAY NOW for you personally what would it be?"

He stood back and said: "WOW!! oh my goodness did I need this! He talked for 5 minutes about how his birth parents had abandoned him at age 5 and he had not gotten over that rejection even though he was very blessed 9 years later to be adopted out of the foster care system!! I had prayed briefly for him when I sensed the Lord nudging me to ask: "Chris (His real name) have you forgiven your birth parents for abandoning you? "NO" came his almost violent response!

Then I said I know now why the Lord told me to come and pray for you! For 5 minutes the Lord kept the reception free just for us! I led him in a short prayer of confession and forgiveness of his parents and God brought a change over his countenance. I then asked if I could hug Chris as if I were his Dad to which he readily agreed. We both had tears in our eyes and FULL HEARTS OF LOVE through our hug and what God had just done. Chris (24) called me 2 days later to say how deeply God had impacted his heart through our prayer encounter. I challenged Chris and you too to PRAY IT FORWARD and be a Reproducing Prayer Igniter.


When you ask God to open doors HE will do the extraordinary in the midst of the ordinary. I confess that the stress of living in two states while ministering to Mum in Fort Myers has manifested in a painful and very tight neck and shoulders. My Sweetie booked me in to Hand and Stone for a neck massage 6 weeks ago while in Fort Myers. So here is the ordinary, I’m face down thanking Maria for massaging away my tension then God begins to do the extraordinary when I ask her our ONE THING question! I prayed for Maria’s 8-year-old daughter then God opened the door for me to share the complete gospel message. Towards the end I asked very gently if she would like to pray and ask Jesus to be Lord of her life. Maria, side stepped the question. I did not sense the Lord saying to press a little harder so shared some scripture encouragements and went on my way.

I was back with my Sweetie this past weekend and for the first time I was thankful for my painful neck! Yes, you guessed it! God took me back as His "Title Company Agent" for the "CLOSING" on Maria’s new eternal home address!! Face down I had Maria listen to the whole of John Chapter 3 and did a 45-minute gospel Bible study also using our GMO Next Steps App! Maria was now totally ready to make her eternal address change and prayed joyfully both repenting of her sin and inviting Jesus into heart.

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