The feedback I get from many is that they really NEEDED prayer. They are glad to have someone to pray with them - and for them. And this prayer together helps us feel connected. It is often a wonderful bridge to evangelism or to encouragement. I encourage you to try the "one thing, prayer question" with someone you come face to face or voice to voice on the phone with today. ~ Be a Reproducing Prayer Igniter. ~

Cindy Carr serves as an administrative steward and intercessor on One Mission’s One Heart 24/7 Prayer Initiative.


This is my accountability based translation of Colossians 4:2. I describe a situation where God blows me away in bringing His answer to one prayer through a second prayer 20 hours later! READ ON!

Aaron Bloss and I are having dinner at Kona Grill in Minneapolis after a full day at the GACX Forum.

  • We met and greeted our waiter, Jack (Not his real name) ordered our meal, while intentionally developing a rapport with him.
  • Then we said: “Jack, we are very grateful for your attentive and sincere service to us this evening, Thank you! Aaron and I are going to ask a blessing on our meal so if there was one thing we could pray for you personally right now what would it be?”
  • A vast majority of people are seldom thanked genuinely for whatever they do and God honors it when you live out Colossians 4:2 with a heart felt expression of gratefulness.
  • As so often happens with this powerful question a very real need was revealed as Jack told us how his 70-year-old Mum had been evicted from her home and was living with him. Though he loves his Mum it was a stressed situation.
  • Trusting the Holy Spirit’s lead, I then said gently: “Jack, we know you are busy and we will PRAY NOW for your Mum but would you like to join us and we will pray very briefly together?”
  • The key of prayer was opening a gate to heaven as we thanked God for Jack and asked God straight up to provide His BEST solution for this situation.
  • Having tipped Jack handsomely (Generous gratuities always enhance your witness for Christ) we were driving out of the car park and Aaron saw Jack running out and waving in front of us! I’d left my credit card, (I had not meant to be that generous!) so once again thanked Jack and left.

On my flight home I’m sitting next to a recruiter for a top hotel line and have already prayed with her several times thanking God for her husbands 11 years of military service and also connecting her to Mighty Oaks Warrior Program, praying for her husband’s friend. I happen to share the extraordinary service of Jack running out to catch me and she says: "That is exactly the type of zeal and service we are looking for in top staff for our hotel restaurant! I will find him on Monday and I know we can improve his income to enable him to provide his Mum’s own apartment!"

At The GACX Forum we were challenged to ask God what things He would have us STOP DOING that might be limiting our effectiveness for growing His Kingdom.

God spoke very clearly to my heart that I was to STOP teaching and sharing testimonies about the PRAY NOW Lifestyle, without challenging you like this:

"Oh Lord, I commit to living my life in a Colossians 4:2 way. Remind me, by Your Spirit, Lord, to express heartfelt thanks and ask The One Thing Prayer Question of people You put in my path every day. Grow me in being a generous giver of my life in prayer with whatever of where ever I sense You leading me to give, in Jesus name I pray, Amen."

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