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At 90 Ann Still Gives Thanks To Everyone!

My very precious Mum-in-Love, Ann Price, is certainly finishing well and a month ago when we called 911 to her Fort Myers home in Florida, we thought she was going home to The Lord that night!

Let us “PRAY NOW” 1 Thessalonians 5:18
“Father, Your Word says to give thanks in all things for this is Your will in Christ Jesus. I thank You Lord for Ann’s life. As I read how she lives in an attitude of thanksgiving please speak to me about bringing Your Kingdom to explode in someone’s life through my simple expression of appreciation, in Jesus name let it be so Lord!”

My Sweetie’s Mum is our sole surviving parent on earth. You may remember I gave IGNITE testimonies to my own Mum and our Dads AFTER they were celebrating in heaven with Jesus. In prayer yesterday we both sensed the Lord saying I am to write this testimony to Mum’s life while she is still with us.

So it is Saturday 27th June, we have just arrived from Houston and we have not been with Mum and Bernie (my 61 year old brother-in-love) for 30 minutes when we are calling 911 with “Little 84 lb skin and bone Mum” lying prostrate across the toilet looking like she was dying right there.
Over the next week we went from the emergency room, to ICU, to a private room.

The nurses and doctors all fell in love with Mum, as she would tell them stories and thank them every time she would see them even though she was very weak and repetitively asking God to take her home to heaven.

Colin Millar - Pray Now!

Then we were waiting on The Ambulance driver to take Mum to hospice care. Two precious nurses, our hospice social worker and I were joining hands to pray around Mum’s bed when in walked our 6’ 5” power house young African American ambulance driver called Victor.

I greeted him with a hug and said while looking at his name badge: “Victor, you are just in time to join us in thanking God for Mum’s beautiful nurses and friends!”

The presence of God was in the room and clearly all over Victor’s countenance as we prayed.
Though we did not need all 5 of us, ten hands lifted “Little Mum” on the bed sheet across to the gurney. Victor lovingly strapped her in and whisked her away agreeing with me that we would see them at Joanne’s Hope Hospice House in Bonita Springs.

Upon arrival my Sweetie and I pulled in right behind Victor and I leapt out our car ran round to the off loading bay to reassure Mum that we were right there.

Although it had been less than 2 minutes since arriving there was no sign of Victor or Mum and I thought they could not possibly have unloaded her that quickly!

By the time we had checked in at front reception and gone to Mum in her lovely Room 205, she was neatly tucked into her bed and there was no sign of Victor!

The next day we were visiting with Roseline (From Haiti ) and this was her story!

“Yesterday when your Mum arrived Victor did not wait for help from us to bring the gurney in and simply unstrapped your “Little Mum” picked up his tiny package and walked into her room placing her gently and directly into her bed. He then turned to leave and as he was walking out the doorway, your Mum raised her arm and beckoned him back!


Out of her near death weakness, God gave Mum strength to reach out her arms to hug her new friend Victor and as he lowered his head beside hers in the embrace she whispered loud enough for Roseline also to hear:

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