“THANK YOU! For bringing me safely here!” squeezing him tightly and giving every ounce of energy to her heart impacting declaration of thanksgiving.

Victor, completely overwhelmed by this unexpected gesture of God’s love to him, a hulk of a black man being hugged by this precious very white little woman said to Roseline and Lisa on his way out of Mum’s room:

“I will always remember that incredible moment!”

A strange thing began to happen, Mum’s almost hourly prayer was: “God bring me home to You, I’m so tired, I don’t want to live like this, I want to see You and my husband!” Then over the next few days she became alert, to eat all her meals, to walk little steps and I would take her for wheelchair rides out to the beautiful fountain pond. She started saying: “God’s not ready for me yet!”

So we brought Mum home and even went to Longhorn’s for dinner, which was Mum’s first time out in 7 months!

We all three were blessed by a young family who entered the double doors as we were exiting, their mother seeing our Mum in the wheelchair declares to her 13/14 year old son and daughter: “Whoa! Stand Back! Stand Back! Hold the doors!” These two children immediately leapt into action holding the doors back as Mum came through before me and there she went again,

reaching her hand out to take the young boys hand in hers and saying: “Thank you young man, that was very kind of you!”


“Lord, I am deeply grateful for my Mum-in-love

  • Who birthed, Nancy Ann, the most beautiful girl in the world for me.
  • Who, when Dad passed home in glory last year, had been married to him for 68 ½ years.
  • Who still is an amazing grandmother, Dee Dee, to our sons.

  • Who joined us on 2 month long adventures in Zimbabwe and South Africa
  • I praise You Lord for how You grew a special friendship between our 4 parents with them taking several hilarious (So we heard) holidays together just the 4 of them.
  • Thank You Lord for Mum being one of the world’s greatest shoppers and gift givers.
  • I am grateful Lord for how Mum models knowing neither Greek nor Jew but loves all with the heart of Christ.
  • Thank You Lord that she is assured of her salvation in You our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Thank You Lord that Mum has spoken to my Darling wife twice a day nearly every day of our 29 years of marriage!
  • Lord God, in closing, I ask that You would inspire each of our readers through this “Living” testimony to express gratefulness to every person You put in our paths, in Jesus name we pray amen.”

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