Ten months ago I sat at the dinner table in Wascar and Niki’s home and we asked God to send us on mission together! And then He did! Last week we flew to Mexico City for 5 days where God did a powerful redemptive work in all our lives as we gathered together in a Saturday evening Online Missionary Celebration at Pastor German Alvarez Martinez’s Church.

As you read these high point testimonies, would you ask God how you might:
Be Bold, Let Your Light Shine and Share Your Faith In Jesus, as I challenged you in May’s IGNITE!
Daniel Asher Gonzalez, pictured above, met the Lord 5 years ago when God plucked him out of the pit at a park and propelled him into the purposes of His plans! He shared with me that his heart had been filled with anger, bitterness and the worship of the world. Then Pastor Alvarez Martinez showed “The Appointment” that he and his mother Clara, watched in a nearby park.
God rescued them both in salvation. They are being deeply discipled through their in-church seminary.
Humbled and Honored By “Heaven on Earth” Host Home Hospitality.
Mexico City is a 22 million people sprawling mass of humanity and yet I was made to feel like “Juan in a million”. Clara and Asher, mother and son, poured out the love of Jesus Christ over me while staying in their home.

Clara leads the church’s intercessory team and Asher is a deeply loving, engaging preaching teaching 23-year-old prayer/evangelist, all this while also being a 3rd year medical student!

Wow and I thought I lived a full life!

“I Will Give You The Treasures of Darkness And Hidden Wealth of Secret Places.” Isaiah 45:3

  • For 5 days and 4 nights we were like miners finding “LIFE” treasures every way we turned.
  • While touring the Presidential Palace Museum 6 of us paused to pray for a dear friend’s health which led to sharing Christ with other tourists who asked if we were OK?
  • Saturday morning, Wascar and I joined a small evangelism team sharing Christ and praying with the long line of family members going to visit at the prison.
  • At our GMO Celebration that afternoon and evening one man traveled 36 hours on a bus to attend. Another precious mother and daughter came 6 hours by train returning home that same night!
  • A full dinner was prepared and beautifully served by church members from a make shift on site kitchen.
  • Each of our Online Missionaries shared emotionally how God was impacting their own lives as they minister online to individuals all around the world.
  • As I taught on prayer encouraging us all to a deeper pursuit of intimacy with Jesus, God spoke to the heart of Asher’s cousin. She testified how she had been fighting God’s call to ministry but that night she stepped into God’s arms saying “Here I am, Lord, send me!” Wascar translated and we 3 embraced and prayed amidst tears of joy and celebration.
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  • A Sister serving with Bridges International @ A&M & SHSU
  • A Sister serving with The Baptist Standard
  • A Brother on mission to Iraq

Let’s PRAY NOW “Lord God, if I am to give to support Your work through IPA, help me be joyfully obedient, thank You, Jesus, amen."

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