...young woman, Ann, (not her real name) with whom we had engaged in conversation and then placed our order.

Let us PRAY NOW: ”Lord God in heaven, please remind and give me the boldness to thank and ask the One Thing Prayer Question of 2 people each day, in Jesus name I pray, amen.” When Ann returned to our table I said:

“Ann, thank you for serving us with such sincerity tonight. We are about to ask God to bless our meal and if there was one thing we could pray for you personally tonight what would it be?” Ann paused then responded: “I just moved here two days ago so you could please ask God to bring me some new friends?”

We prayed for Ann and over dinner I shared with the Charbonnets how God had spoken to me early that morning challenging us all to a greater intentionality toward pursuing a conversation unto salvation.

Ann wore a simple but attractive cross around her neck so another good heart finder question is:
”Ann, that is a beautiful cross around your neck but is Jesus in your heart?”


ALWAYS BE SENSITIVE TO A PERSON’S WORK RESPONSIBILITIES: We were Ann’s last table so God provided time for further conversation. Ann openly revealed that she was uncertain of whether she would go to heaven when she died and was ready to hear the gospel message of salvation.
Between us we clearly shared John 3:16 and Romans 10:9 and we encouraged her to think about what God was inviting her to do.

THE ANGELS IN HEAVEN REJOICED as dear Ann prayed with us, confessing that she was a sinner, surrendering her life into the hands of Jesus, proclaiming Him as both Lord and Savior of her life, and inviting the Holy Spirit to fill her life with His fullness to be a bold witness to others!


  • To walk in an attitude of gratitude

  • To live with a prayer, care and share intentionality

  • To encourage others to shine their light



For the next two and a half days I rested in the Lord, read His Word out loud, worshipped Him in praise and meditated on His promises. The Lord blessed and refreshed me as I abided in Him.

As I sat on the porch over looking the river it gradually got dark. I was looking into the darkness and suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw this little flash of bright light, then another and another! I had not seen Fire Flies for years and having seen two or three then, all along the river banks on both sides I began to see these bright flashing lights.

Let us PRAY NOW:
“Lord God would You fill me with Your Spirit every day and let my light so shine in the darkness that is so often in people’s lives! Help me bring Your light like a Fire Fly into the world! Thank You Lord.”


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