Dear Prayer Igniter

Hearing The Lord’s Voice. Can You Be Sure It Is God?

It was January 4th 1996 and I was trying to work two full time jobs! One, was as a salesman in our hose and gasket company that I’d co-founded with a friend 8 years previously. Two, was as volunteer city coordinator for Campus Crusade For Christ’s Jesus Video Project. It was a really crazy, often working till midnight, time of our lives and my Darling wife was/is amazing in doing all the finances and admin of the ministry.

I was convinced God was calling me to leave our gasket company, raise support and serve full time with Houston Co-Mission, the 501-c-3 we’d incorporated to distribute the Jesus Video. I thought I saw God speaking to me in every little signpost along the way!

It Was NOT God Speaking! Whaat?

Let Us PRAY NOW: “Father, I sense, there may be some of our readers listening for your voice in major decisions in their lives so please give me Your wisdom and discernment in sharing how You spoke so very clearly to me that night, in Jesus name we pray, amen.”

I was angry and frustrated at the Lord, we could not go on like this, with two full time jobs AND my family it was too much. I had been giving 70% of my time away from our gasket business calling on churches and raising funds to pay our part time non-profit staff. Houston Co-Mission was not paying me and my gasket commission had steadily dropped over the proceeding year due to me being MIA in the sales field. I had lunch that day with my dear friend, Pastor Jerry Martin and after I told him my reasons for frustration he said: “You know Brother, our walk with God is often like a chess game and in chess only one person can move at a time!” PRAY NOW: “Lord God please give me revelation for my own life decisions, is it my move or is it Yours, Lord? Please speak to me through Colin’s stories, thank You Lord!”

Colin Millar - Pray Now!

Sometimes it is our move and we are just sitting there. God is speaking but we are not hearing or even listening. What binds you from moving, from hearing God? It can be fear, an offended heart, unforgiveness, self-pity, rejection, anger and often the strongest but most cunningly hidden is simply PRIDE!

2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people will humble themselves and pray!

Then Jerry went on to say: “And sometimes it is God’s move!” and looking very intently at me said that some people are all over the chess board trying to move 2 or 3 pieces at once! Occasionally there is a person that is even trying to move chess pieces on someone else’s board and it is impossible for God to move until we stop, be still and know that He is God!

Oh my goodness that was me! Later that night just sitting on the bed with my Bride I heard the Lord speak clearly in my heart: “My Son! All I want you to do is be a husband to your wife, be a father to your sons and BE where I’ve got you!!”

God spoke! His peace poured out through and into my heart, mind and spirit! The next day, I resigned from both the board of Houston Co-Mission and my position as city coordinator. I went to my business partner, asked his forgiveness for being MIA and recommitted to being the best gasket salesman in Houston. Within 3 weeks, the Lord restored my income; there was rich time with my precious bride...

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