and sons and my life grew as a strong witness for Christ right there in the petrochemical plants as I served my customers in excellence and joy!

Written by my dear friend Ed Mooneyham

Ed: As I sat in the Out Patient waiting room my mind checked off chores I had to complete back at our Poultry Farm. Our family doctor had recommended a colonoscopy for my wife, Chris, due to her age and family history of colon cancer.

After about an hour and a half the doctor entered with the most horrifying words I had ever heard; “It doesn't look good," he said. "As a matter of fact it is the worst looking colon I have ever seen". He presented pictures of large polyps. He had removed some and taken biopsies from others. He showed me two areas of concern that he felt had advanced to the stage of spreading to other areas of the body. He explained a C T Scan would have to be done of the lungs and liver to determine the severity. After my wife awoke he briefed us again, but without the certain gloom and doom he presented to me.

The colonoscopy took place on a Friday so zero tests could be preformed until the following Tuesday. All that night we were in shock and numb all over. I could not bring myself to share the words the Doctor spoke with my wife. I just tried to be positive and we began praying to God for healing in Jesus name.

Saturday morning I tried to reach Colin Millar, my dear friend I have known for years, to request his assistance and prayer in the matter. I was unable to reach him until early Sunday morning as he and Nancy were leaving for church.

He could tell in my voice something was wrong so I explained my situation. He began immediately to pray for healing and said he would email me scriptures and prayers later that afternoon. Immediately upon receipt we began to pray these scripture prayers for Chris’s healing.

Colin: When I called, Ed back, I clearly heard the Lord’s whisper “Go to Arkansas and pray in person.” You know the Lord is speaking when there is unity of agreement with your spouse, which my Sweetie gave instantly!

Ed: Colin arrived early afternoon on Monday and we discussed the diagnosis and prayed. After a quick tour of our small town we had dinner at a neighboring town and returned to the farm. We read and prayed specific prayers for healing that were supplied to us from Suzette Caldwell, of Windsor Village UMC. Colin added additional scriptures and applied anointing oil to Chris. It was an awesome night and I felt positive going to bed Chris was to be healed. In the waiting room Tuesday morning, I just kept praising God for all he had done for us and for the healing of my wife. As the Doctor entered the room he looked straight at me, but didn't smile. He walked over to Chris and said, " You are one lucky woman! You do not have one sign of cancer. When the doc got the pathology results he said, no you must be thinking of someone else and repeated my wife's name. They said yea, that's it. It's negative. At that point I stood up and informed him of our prayer efforts, saying, our Spiritual advisor had come in from Houston and we had prayed the whole weekend. He looked right at me and said " Well, that's what’s done it, because I was positive it was cancer"

Our life has changed forever due to this miracle. Even though we have been Christians for years this has had a life changing effect on us. To be part of a real life miracle is great and makes you feel so close to God who is alive, and does answer prayers.... AMEN!

Colin: We love you Ed and Chris and are blessed through our friendship, praise God!

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