JAMES 4:7 The picture below gives a delightful truth as to why Satan shivers when God’s children pray!

In Luke 9:29 "And while He was praying, the appearance of His face became different, and His clothing became white and gleaming." This is known as the transfiguration of our Lord Jesus Christ and this transformation took place WHILE HE WAS PRAYING (communing with our Father) so I encourage you today, go to the Lord in prayer and His transforming power will be at work as you pray according to His will.

Pastor Adam Stadtmiller
Author, “Praying for Your Elephant”

Adam says this about his PIT Crew:
“John 15:8 says that prayer brings the muchness of God into our daily lives. Ask anything in the name of Jesus that you might bear much fruit! Before starting my PIT Crew my ministry life had always been fruitful, but seemed to lack the regular and consistent breakthroughs that we expect to be part of the Spirit-filled life. Since identifying and deploying my PIT Crew not only my life, but my entire ministry has gone to the next level. Like Israel crossing over the Jordan and into their inheritance, prayer catapults our lives deeper into God's promises and power for our life.

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If you don't have a Pit Crew I encourage you to step into the deep waters of what praying in community can do!

Ryan Pfeiffer San Diego Divisional Director/InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Forming a PIT Crew has been a wonderful new element in our life through which GOD has strengthened us, directed us and blessed us. Here are a few of the benefits having a PIT crew has had on my ministry.

I love when members of the PIT crew have texted or emailed me with scriptures, words, images and other messages they hear from GOD on my behalf. I save these words and find strength and encouragement from them.

I have communicated my need to the team for strength to fulfill a ministry task. In some cases I have felt physically ill, or fatigued and when those prayers are lifted up by the team, I notice looking back that GOD gave the strength I needed to get the job done. I didn’t always perceive the impact of GOD working in the moment but in retrospect, I could see God’s strengthening hand on me.

I love gathering the team at my house for dinner. With a busy and full schedule it can feel like a challenge to pull of a gathering at my home but GOD always richly blesses me through the gatherings. I used to worry that I was adding another burden to their already busy schedules as well, but I have been touched by the grace of GOD displayed by their willingness to give their time and energy to gather with me. I leave these meetings refreshed and recharged.

I think GOD uses the PIT Crew gathering to encourage the rest of the team as well. Not only in our deserts but also through my prayers for them! It makes a big difference having people pray for me on a regular basis, above all, because it honors the fact that it’s GOD’s help and support I need most. It’s GOD’s power and favor that is most needed to bring the Kingdom breakthrough on campuses across San Diego.

Encouraged by my experience, I am now taking steps to lead each member of my senior staff leadership team to begin forming their own PIT Crew.

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