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On December 3rd 2014 my precious Bride and I drove down to check in at The Wyndham next to MD Anderson Cancer Center. This was in PRAYER-paration for my 5am prostatectomy admission the next day.

We, Nancy and I, together with our sons Nicholas, Christopher and his darling wife, Ashley are deeply grateful to the many of you who served in our PIT Crew on this specific prayer mission for a successful and fruitful surgery. Last week, we met with our wonderful believing and praying surgeon Dr. Louis Pisters. On reviewing the completely clean pathology report, Dr. Pisters said: “This is a fabulous report!” We bowed our heads thanking and praising God for His superintendence of the successful surgery. Many of us prayed over the past 3 years that God would supernaturally heal me, but quite honestly I would do the surgery all over again due to the amazing Kingdom bringing fruitfulness that God also brought as you prayed.

In reality, during those 55 hours at MDA I experienced God in Multiple Divine Appointments, at a previously unknown depth of intimacy and sensitivity to His voice.

Will you take 5 minutes and leap with me into the highlights of what can only be described as:
An Incredible School of Prayer Adventure

Let us PRAY NOW: “Lord teach us to pray!”

Lesson #1 Have a PIT Crew in place.
Having a Personal Intercessory Team who are called of God to pray for you on a regular and/or on a specific prayer mission basis is simply a rifle shot embodiment of God’s Word in James 5:16. Check out “PIT CREW Guidelines” on our website and watch for next month’s IGNITE with testimony to the power of God through a PIT Crew by Brian Ivie, Director of the soon to be released, with: award winning documentary The Drop Box see preview here:


Colin Millar - Pray Now!

Your prayers for us created a literal river of God’s grace, which was sufficient for our every need and God activated His strength making it perfect in our weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9

Lesson #2 Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanks giving; Colossians 4:2. Because you prayed, the power of God in heaven was brought down to earth at MDA.

Virtually daily we have multiple direct contacts with people like us being served by other people in stores, restaurants, hotels, planes, taxis, on customer service phone calls and particularly visiting or being a patient in hospitals, where their needs are often far greater than ours. The tragedy is, all too often, we are so self absorbed with getting our own particular need met, that we can be totally blind to these, precious to God, people and not even considering their needs.

So what does living Colossians 4:2 look like in these God sent opportunities?
It can be as simple as making eye-to-eye contact smiles or a sincere heart felt, face-to-face thank you for serving you today. Then when their hearts are warmed by these seldom received touches of God’s love it’s often a God moment to devote yourself to prayer by asking: “If there was one thing I could pray for you personally what would it be?

So on that Surgery Thursday 4:30am start to December 4th, it looked like this:

  • Lovingly expressing my gratitude to my Sweetie for being with me.
  • Joyfully greeting the family in the elevator, little realizing God had just ignited a salvation set up process that would continue in 20 minutes.
  • Thanking the half asleep hotel receptionist for calling our cab.
  • When the cab had not arrived, turning fleshly frustration at the lonely receptionist into a conversation, which led to that often heaven bringing “One Thing Question”.

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