• Then a similar prayer experience with the cab driver, followed by high 5-ing, proclaiming God’s blessings, raising praising hands in glory to God with the 3 MDA doormen, nothing like having church in the vestibule!
  • There was a lot less joy around us in the admissions waiting room, but not for long!

Lesson #3 Consider it all joy in the trials James 1:2
Back to the waiting room…so I am like this big afghan shaggy dog just out of a bath, shaking dew drops of Jesus joy all over the room! I mean, thanks to your prayers, I had rivers of living water flowing through me. Suddenly as I’m filling out my “living will” I see the Elevator Family again and ask if they can sign my will as witnesses. Out of this conversation we discover their 30-year-old son, James (not his real name) is going in for thyroid removal surgery, clearly there is tension and stress and a perfect PRAY NOW moment.

Lesson #4 Submit therefore to God resist the enemy and he will flee, James 4:7
Precious Friend! I have missed 100s of PRAY NOW opportunities and you may be thinking right now: “Colin can do this Pray Now stuff, but I just don’t have his boldness!“

You know what? You’re right! You do not want my boldness! God wants you to be you and in that opportune PRAY NOW moment when fear seems to fill your mind, don’t just do something stand there, be Still and know that He is God then activate James 4:7. Immediately, the Holy Spirit dresses Himself in your personality (Fills you) and brings through you whatever is needed for the Divine Appointment before you! Chkk-Chirrrrrrrrrrrr!

Lesson #5 Abide in me…and Me in you…bear much fruit John 15:5 over the next 2 days the Kingdom of God was at hand in MDA The Lord brought James and 2 nurses to salvation under a sprit of repentance. I had the deep joy and privilege to pray, thank and watch the Holy Spirit minister to every doctor, nurse, receptionist and room cleaner that God placed in my path as a part of my care team.

I praise God for my darling “Nurse Nancy” as I returned to my spinning “Prayer-ercise” class this week at 24hr Fitness. Glory to God and thank you for your prayers that brought much fruit.

Testimony Encourages PRAY NOW

Hey Colin-
This is Chris Younger; I was the sound engineer at the "Come Deeper Still" Prayer Retreat at Riverpointe Church a couple of years ago. I'm reaching out to let you know that I have thought on you and the experience I had at the retreat a lot over the years.

For several months, I've been studying the Bible with a group and I've been given the opportunity to share my testimony. This will be the first time I've shared my story. I want to include my experience from the retreat:

I was at the time struggling with belief when you took me by surprise. You asked me, "the sound guy who was planning to just stay out of the way", to participate in the retreat. It was unexpected and I was shocked out of my comfort zone. I participated at first out of politeness, then began to accept it as an opportunity to explore prayer/Christ. The most miraculous thing happened to me when you asked me to share my experience during our "alone time with God", with the entire group. I was full of fear, but I said "Yes." When I was in front of the room, next to you, my leg began to tingle. As I was sharing, my leg was shaking uncontrollably. I knew everyone could see it, so after I finished, I commented, trying to not sound nervous "My leg will not stop shaking". You put your arm around me and replied, something along the lines, "Yes! I think God wants to use you, to shake people up!" I remember my leg stopped shaking, almost instantly. The relief and presence I felt was incredible. "How much more clear can God be?", I remember thinking, and still do.

Though I continued to struggle with belief, this experience strongly reinforced the calling I was hearing. Ultimately, it helped lead me to accept Christ, with a full understanding of what that means, a couple of months ago.

I want to thank you, for asking me to participate, and asking me to share.

I celebrated with Chris on Friday at dinner and God reaffirmed how He brings His transforming power when His children pray!
“Being A Person Of Prayer Is The Most Important Calling In One’s Life” Mike Bickle.

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