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Larry York my very precious Pastor, preached on: Colossians 3:1-4 today “Set your minds on what is above….” and I can humbly declare that God will set your mind on things above when you Heed The Call to FAST & PRAY!

Since completing the recent extended fast to which The Holy Spirit called and enabled me to walk through, I have encountered God’s presence in life transforming ways for me, my family and some of those God has put in my path.

Let Us PRAY NOW: “Oh Lord God in heaven, as I read these testimonies please open my heart to what You are calling me to: in fasting, asking others: “If there was ONE THING I could pray for you personally, what would it be?”, and being more bold about sharing my faith, then Lord, help me to trust and obey what I hear You say, in Jesus name I pray!”

Will You Ask? After you have prayed,
“Do you know want it means to be saved?”

Precious Saints, God often puts people who are ready to be saved right beside you, as He did with me on 4 separate occasions over this past 2 weeks. Your fruitfulness from abiding with God is exponentially increased when you fast. I briefly describe these opportunities and exhort you to be watchful and alert to similar heart openers God has already prepared for you right in the midst of your every day schedule!

Lunch Waiter Gets Saved As He Served!

A young man was waiting on three of us after a GMO video shoot. We engaged him intentionally like this: “James, (not his real name) I thank you for your sincere and friendly service to us today. We are about to ask a blessing on our lunch and would like to ask you our favorite question. (See above) He responded, after thinking about it for a while that he needed direction because basically, “I’m just LOST!” (Hello! That statement was like a BIG BITE on your fishing line.)

Colin Millar - Pray Now!

Now, it’s always better to pray with someone in person so we asked: “James, we‘re going to pray for you right now, would you like to join us?” “Sure!” he responded, then confidently we, 4 joined hands and I prayed: “Dear Lord we are very grateful for James serving us today, please send an angel to direct him along the way and bring him to the place You have prepared, help him to hear Your voice and obey what You say (Exodus 23:20) in Jesus name, amen.” Then, I asked him if he had a Bible at home, “Yes, but I have not opened it for a long time.” “That’s OK, James, when you bring our lunch please bring a piece of paper and I’ll give you some scriptures to read at home.” As you pray God’s Word into someone’s life God will often open up their hearts as He did very strongly with James. He returned to our table, huge tears forming in his eyes as he could not thank us enough for caring and praying for him. I then asked: “James do you know what it means to be saved and to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?”

He apologized again for the tears, saying “no” to both questions, but everything in him was saying, “I want salvation!” (You see! He was ready to be saved he just needed to be asked!) Standing up beside him I assured him, tears were good, and just took him in my arms like a prodigal son! Right there in the middle of the restaurant God gave us time to clearly share the gospel with James. We watched Jesus, the life, the truth and the way enter his heart through prayer and the radiant joy of Christ filled his countenance!

The angels in heaven were rejoicing as

Christ, The Hope of Glory Rose In James’s Life

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