Telemarketer Accepts
Best Free Offer Ever!

On the two Tuesdays of mid- September College Pastor Daniel Rowe invited me to bring a “Prayer Igniting” message to Sam Houston students at their weekly “TRUTH” gathering hosted by UHBC where our son Christopher is the Pastor of Discipleship.

On the first Tuesday, The Holy Spirit led me to make a closing challenge/invitation like this, which I also now give to you:

“Telemarketers or customer service people are an excellent practice ground for asking the: “If there was One Thing I could pray for you personally” question because you probably will never see them again and it is OK if you mess up! So will you practice this week? Let’s PRAY NOW: “ Oh, Wonderful Holy Sprit will You please remind me to ask the ONE THING I can pray question next time I am talking to a customer service/telemarketing person, In Jesus name amen.” And you know what? When you PRACTISE PRAYER IT COUNTS!

So the following Friday afternoon I am sitting at my desk and the home phone rings and I instantly hear the Holy Spirit say in my heart: “Get this call it is a telemarketer!” Here is what followed. I leap up grab the phone and say: “This is Colin Millar, THANK YOU for calling me I am so happy to get your call!” “Thank you Sir, my name is Raven and I am from ATT calling about a special offer on your TV programming.” Well I listened politely, said no, thanked her again for calling, and then, asked her the One Thing question! After I had prayed for her request, God opened her heart and she accepted the very best free offer, that of salvation in Jesus! Salvation does not happen every time but you either get rid of them when they hang up or you get to pray for them and anything can happen!

I got to see my dear friend, Pastor Roy Tolbert, (Left) for only the 3rd time in 24 years! Roy is one of my dearest friends and closest prayer partners and we have prayed 80% of Monday mornings at 6:30am for over 24 years. He is the Senior Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Gordon Georgia, and is still bi-vocational. I first got to speak to him selling him some gaskets and God knit our hearts in prayer the very first day we spoke on the phone!!

While in Atlanta for our last GMO Prayer Celebration, I drove down early and three of us had a powerful prayer meeting in Pastor Roy’s church, I flew home not really needing the plane I was in that day.

Triple Header In New Ministry Formations

1: HOMES OF HOPE! Since January 2014 a group of us, from multiple congregations, sharing a passion for providing transition homes for ageing out foster kids, have been meeting.

It just so happened that right at the end of my fast things really began to move forward. We have a beautiful property moving under contract and God has provided some wonderful resources and people with deep experience with regard to all program elements for the young adults. We have begun steps to incorporate both a, for profit and non-profit corporations.

If God has been speaking to you about foster kids/orphan care please call me?

In the same period of time God has steadily been growing a movement of united and igniting prayer across and for Houston. Like with Homes of Hope, I have been engaged in conversations to incorporate Pray Houston! Yeah God! We praise You, Lord Jesus! Call me for engagement!

3: HOPE AND A FUTURE ~ An Invitation To Bless Israel is the photo storybook vision that has also just become a reality! Justin Boland beautifully took the helm of this project and he and his bride Kynada will be joining 43 of us leaving for Israel 9th -18th November!!

This Storybook invites you to engage your life in specific calls to action to bless Israel through The Jewish Agency projects. Let us Pray Now! “Lord God direct me where to pray/give or engage in any of these prayer projects where we see You at work, for Jesus!”

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