• “Father, are You wanting me to pursue deeper intimacy with You through fasting?”

  • “Lord God how do You want to use Me to bring Your Kingdom in my areas of influence?”

  • Lord, what do You want to change in me that will make me more like You as a spouse, parent, sibling, son or daughter?”

This amazing story that follows is a direct answer to prayer prayed while fasting!


At Global Media Outreach we pray as 12 All Nations Prayer Teams for 30 minutes each week by conference call. I was teaching on prayer at a GMO Online Missionary event in Philadelphia early in September and was due to fly home via Atlanta on the day of our All Nations Prayer call. I’d emailed our West Europe team that I would be at 35,000ft and would miss the call.

God moves so that my 30 minute prayer call lands slap in the middle of my 55 minute transition time in Atlanta Airport! I’m excited to join our team and am Airport Prayer Walking on my phone as soon as I’m off the palne. Many of you will know that Atlanta’s terminals are very long and as often happens my next flight was at the very end of Terminal A. Our 8 member team were still praying through our prayer missions as I walked on, then off the transit train, never losing a bit of signal power!

Well as I get to my flight gate this man from behind me cautiously, yet expectantly stops me and says: “I want to be an intercessor for West Europe!” I just stood there flabbergasted! Then he went on: “My name is Kelvin Davis. I was on the same train as you just now heading to Baggage Claim. I heard you talking on the phone about trusting God for intercessors for West Europe....As the Train stopped at Terminal A , 3 stops before mine, you proceeded to get off and I heard the still quiet voice of God say “FOLLOW THAT MAN.” I obeyed and followed you down this long concourse. As I was following you I heard

you praying about intercessors for West Europe again. I was convicted that yes indeed I needed to offer to join your team. I then introduced my self, to Kelvin having declared to our prayer team that a miracle was in motion and that I’d be right back. I then said: “Kelvin, this is clearly a Divine Appointment, I mean the timing of us both being on the same train as I had walked 10 minutes to the end of the wrong terminal before getting on the train!”

Then I gave Kelvin a huge hug asking him if he would greet our Prayer Team and pray briefly with them! We were all in total joy seeing God instantaneously answer our heart cry from just 10 minutes earlier: “Lord God, we ask You to call out prayer laborers for West Europe.”

I discovered that Kelvin pastors a church in Columbus Ga. He is part of Delta’s ground staff, and before that moment of hearing the call for prayer laborers had never prayed for West Europe in his life. God called him right there on the train and gave him an instant heart call to pray for West Europe. We talked and prayed several times that next week and Pastor Kelvin joined our next All Nations Prayer call and shared our testimony from his side concluding with this final statement:

“Now my entire Church is Praying for Western Europe!! What a MIGHTY GOD we serve!!”

Please ask God how He might have you pray/give to undergird our calling of Igniting Prayer Action in these areas.


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