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My Sweetie’s Dad (91) Fills His Reservation In Heaven: 07/22/14

Patrick Morley, author of Man in The Mirror was bringing the message at The Priority Associates sponsored business breakfast. He gave this analogy: that just as sure as parking yourself in the garage does not make you a car, neither does being raised in a Christian family and going to church make you a Christian.

20 years ago, Dad sat across from me with 8 others at our table and I knew him to be a reverent and godly man, who grew up in church and he and Mum were current members of their church choir. I did not know if Dad was assured of his salvation.

Pat Morley clearly presented the gospel and what it meant to live not as a cultural Christian but as one living in vital active personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. (See our website:

Dad completed the first time decision card, indicating that he was now assured of his salvation. He cancelled his reservation in hell and secured his reservation in heaven through grace by faith in the love and by the blood of our Lord Jesus.

Love Still Smiles at 68 Years of Marriage!

“Dear Lord God we praise You for the life Dad modeled as, husband, father and grandfather and the legacy he leaves. Please minister Your comfort to, my Sweetie, her Mum and brother, giving us wisdom in the best way forward.

Colin Millar - Pray Now!

Lord, as a reader of IGNITE, please reveal to me any of my family members that may not be assured of their salvation and give me the opportunity and boldness to be a faithful witness to them about You, I celebrate the victory of eternal life we have in You Lord, in Jesus name we pray, amen.”

God’s Call To Bless Israel?

In recent months due to the Russian/Ukrainian political upheavals the requests to make Aliyah (Go up to Israel) have increased 400% out of the Ukraine.

God Reveals His Hand In Ukrainian Jewish Family Friendship!

You may know that I have just completed my 3rd

READ ON and listen to what God might whisper into your heart about going to Israel or being a blessing to the nation.

trip to Israel in the past 9 months, where our main purpose is building bridges of friendship with and through the projects of The Jewish Agency For Israel. (JAFI) Just two weeks before Nicholas, Adam and I left for Jerusalem, at the end of June, we at One Mission received a request from JAFI asking us to pray and consider how we might engage with this Ukrainian hot spot.

Within short order this is what happened:

  • On a Friday evening my Sweetie and I sensed the nudge of The Holy Spirit to pledge a significant (for IPA) faith gift to the JAFI Ukrainian Jewish need through One Mission. God had already gone ahead of us!

  • The very next evening we stood in awe and praise of our Father looking at a totally unexpected gift from a precious friend of the ministry who had received a surprise windfall. This gift more than covered our faith pledge!

  • Again strongly nudged by the Holy Spirit
    I called our JAFI friends in Jerusalem and asked if there were any way to meet a recently arrived family from the Ukraine when we visited an Absorption Center.

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