A Divine Appointment In Joy

Benjamin with his parents, Victoria and Michael

On Wednesday 2nd July at 3:30pm, Nicholas and I together with Danielle Mor, Director of Development for Aliyah were introduced to this precious family pictured above. Michael began speaking to me in English. Woooowah! I stepped back surprised and asked: “Michael! Where did you learn your English?” He responded, “I lived in South Africa, 20 years ago for 2 ½ years!” I took Michael into my arms saying: “I am born in South Africa!” and our mutual hug tightened in joy!

It was as if we both stood in a cloud of God’s presence, hearing His loving voice in our hearts saying, “I specially arranged this just for you!”

As our beautiful time of friendship building over tea and cookies drew to a close I asked my favorite question of Michael and his family: “ As an expression of thanksgiving for our amazing time together, if there was one thing I could pray for your family, Michael, what would it be?” Again God blew me away when he said: “You pray for me, if I pray for you!” and God’s living presence filled the room.

For our little production team as we develop the Hope and A Future photo/story book spoken of in last month’s IGNITE. See IPA website archives.
For the peace of Israel in these very difficult and dangerous times. Psalm 122:6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Prayer Brings The Kingdom of God to Nations and Neighbors!

Colin Millar - Pray Now!

Raul Cruz with me at The Egg & I

Raul is the young man I wrote about last month who God is transforming as the Body of Christ works together on One Mission!

I asked Raul to share a part of his story:

“I accepted Christ into my life at the beginning of January. I grew up in a rule-focused, church going family then at 17 I stopped going and got driven into the lights of a sinful life. Although I married young and have a beautiful daughter, Briana, I kept living a single sinful life, which resulted in divorce in 2009 and a continuing pursuit of drinking, lying and cheating. It was not until I started working at The Egg & I in 2012, where I felt things were changing. I kept seeing so many happy faces and bible groups, then went home one day and said I want change in my life. I saw a “God Listens” billboard and changed my radio to KSBJ! I remember Brother Colin always coming into The Egg & I and wanting to pray for anyone who talked to him. I am blessed to be one to meet him because his prayers when I was not saved helped me to get to where I am right now. I am growing as a better Christian and loving every second of life.”

Will You Be A Prayer Igniter To Neighbors and Nations?

A Prayer Igniter is one who passionately pursues intimacy with Jesus out of which flows a PRAY NOW lifestyle, modeling, mentoring and mobilizing others to be reproducing Prayer Igniters for God’s glory!

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