Eugene Peterson, author of The Message, defines faithfulness as “Long Obedience In The Same Direction.”

The Egg & I

God honors our long obedience to PRAY NOW in the every day moments of life, and He validated this to me just recently. I was enjoying a Father’s Day brunch with my family at The Egg & I and we had asked our favorite question of our waitress.

“If there was One Thing we could pray for you personally today what would it be?” I’ve just sensed the Holy Sprit nudge me that you might be thinking: “Yes it is no problem for Colin to ask this question but how do I do it?”


  • HUMILTY: Many of us know or have heard God’s Word in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray....” We need to consider others as more important than our selves. That is humility! Andrew Murray says: “Humility is the blossom of which death to self is the perfect fruit.” Too often we allow thoughts from the enemy to derail our intentions to pray, What will people think of me? What if she/he does not want me to pray? What do I pray?

  • LISTENING: to the whisper or nudge of the Holy Spirit. The more you abide with Christ in prayer, worship or just being still in His Presence, the more clearly you will hear and get to know His voice.

  • NIKE: Be bold and courageous and JUST DO IT, yes the Greek Word for Just act is “Nike” and they got their slogan from scripture 1 Chronicles 28:20! So will you HUMBLE yourself, LISTEN to God and NIKE, just do it and PRAY NOW!



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OK so back to the Egg & I. When you speak to anyone anywhere that is serving you always greet them with joy and sincerity. Then at the Holy Spirit led moment you can say: “Jennifer, thank you for serving us today, we are deeply grateful, now let me ask you my favorite question, If there was one thing I could pray for you personally today what would it be? We received her request and prayed.

Another waiter that I recognized saw this prayer action and came over to us! His countenance was radiant with the joy of the Lord!
He grabbed and shook my hand at the same time bending down and giving me a strong hug! Wow this guy was filled up with the Spirit of God! He steps back and says this!

I JUST GOT BAPTISED! Remember me? The first time I served you nearly 2 years ago you asked me how you could pray for me and I kinda brushed you off with, oh just pray for my health! Well God started speaking to my heart through that prayer and He sent Jamie Winship in here recently to talk to me about a relationship with God. I gave my life to Jesus and I just got baptized last Sunday. He then proclaimed:
Now that is a story of God’s faithfulness honoring His children’s steps of obedience.
Will you PRAY NOW: “Lord God I commit to living my life as a reproducing Prayer Igniter, passionately pursuing intimacy with You out of which flows a PRAY NOW lifestyle, in Jesus name, I pray, amen.”


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