I was just saying to the Lord: “OK Father I’m being watchful for the “greater way” coming from these delays and then SUDDENLY GOD!!

I saw two women huddled and kneeling together on the grass verge of Woodlands Pkwy and immediately felt the Holy Spirit’s nudge in my heart to U turn and go and pray for them.

Special Hug
(Similar picture but not my friends)


The next instant was this enemy arrow in my thoughts: “Who do you think you are? You can’t just go and invade their obvious grief.”

I put my foot back on the accelerator! In the early hours of that morning I had abided with Christ in worship, read/listened to His Word and enjoyed being still in His presence. So in that moment of attack I stood firm on another of His promises in John 15:5 when we do abide in Him He abides in us and we bear much fruit!

Again I lifted my foot OFF the accelerator, praise God there was no one behind this dithering fool!

I U turned and parked off the shoulder just around the corner from the two women. I walked slowly, prayerfully to about 10 feet away then very quietly with confidence and peace of God’s presence with me said: “I am so sorry for your obvious loss could I pray for you?” No response. I gradually drew closer knelt down beside them and asked if they could share what happened.


They were an English mother and daughter and their son/brother had been killed instantly 2 days earlier on Sunday morning when a car struck his motorbike.

I then spoke with Father saying:

Father, thank You for being here right now, as You are the God of all comfort will You meet this precious mother and daughter in their grief. (There were heaving sobs from both of them and I encouraged them to let the tears flow while very gently touching both their shoulders as I continued talking to Father.) Father, as Your Word says in Psalm 23, will You make Your presence known to them as they walk through this shadow in the valley of death, in Jesus name I pray, amen.”

I talked a little more discovering that they had no regard for “religion” to which I agreed. Then I went on to say that the Father had me stop to tell them that He and I love them and if there was anything I could do for them to please call me and handed my card to the Mum. She expressed sincere appreciation for my stopping, they both gave me a half hug and I walked quietly away.

Getting into my car our wonderful Councilor, The Holy Sprit gave such deep witness in my heart as I praised God for how He had activated several of His promises in and through my life. God caused the exact timing of my no show appointments to then position me in this drive by Divine Appointment. I had a call from the Mum two days later thanking me for the flower plant and card I had left at the roadside and was able to pray with her again!

Please pray for me, my son Nicholas and his friend Adam as we prepare for our Israel Trip 6/27-7/6. N & A will be building a photo story book of Jewish Agency projects which will then serve as an invitation to engage to our One Mission congregations here at home. Please pray for God’s eyes through their cameras and hearts.


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