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I often think about being in heaven and seeing what God did as, we, His children prayed into certain situations! Those thoughts stir my heart to IGNITING PRAYER ACTION.

Chris and Colin Millar

“Oohhh Loorrrd! As I read this remarkable Prayer Story will You IGNITE and incite my heart to pray for others. Lord, would You also enlighten the eyes of my heart to realize how much more You will do in and through my life as I ask others to pray for me, please help me establish my own P.I.T. Crew, in Jesus name I pray, Amen.” (Personal Intercessory Team Guidelines on website/click here)

WE’RE GOING IN! Part 1 of a 2 Part Story.

Christopher and I were on a Prayer Bike Ride in October last year, 9 weeks before his marriage to Ashley and he begins to tell this story about her. She has a deeply compassionate and discipling heart and one of Ashley’s occupational therapy classmates’ dads had just died. She had not reached out to anyone who had lost a family member before and not knowing what to write she turned to a book by Beth Moore and read this story about grief.

"Praying God's Word"
By Beth Moore

Allow me to introduce you to Jeanine Dooley. Brace yourself--her story is staggering. Our relationship began years ago when I was a mom of two young children and in my late twenties.

Colin Millar - Pray Now!

One of the members of our Sunday school class brought an urgent prayer request to our attention one Sunday. A mother in a nearby town had two young children, a toddler and a baby, who were gravely ill. These were her only children. The doctors were mystified by the cause of their matching illnesses, but the prognosis for both looked dim. Because most of us were mothers about her age with children similar ages, we were devastated for her. We fell on our faces before God in prayer, interceding as hard as we could. The thought that God might take those two children home, as the doctors feared, was inconceivable...until it happened. We were overcome with grief for a precious set of parents we had never met. All of us prayed fervently for God to give them a reason to live. Because God had indelibly engraved this Christian couple on our hearts, we were filled with great rejoicing over a year later when we heard the news that God had given them a brand-new bouncing baby. I cannot explain our shock and grief months later when we learned that this little one had taken on the same symptoms as the siblings. A few days later, we received word that the third child of Steve and Jeanine Dooley had toddled through the gates of heaven. We were wrought with confusion and questions, and our young faith rocked like a rickety boat in a winter storm. My class and I could not begin to imagine the suffering of this heartbroken couple. Jeanine was thirty-one, had buried all three of her children to a rare genetic problem, and would never be able to have any more. Having still never met them or corresponded with them personally, we all vowed to intercede as long as God left the burden on our hearts. A short while later, I took a different Sunday school class, and most of us went our separate directions in Church life. For several years, this couple came to my mind almost daily. Over the next decade, I still thought of them often. I had no idea what had happened to them or whether their marriage had survived such unimaginable tragedy. Several years ago, I received a letter at my home address. It began:

Dear Beth,
You do not know me but I feel as if I know you. I have become familiar with you through your Bible studies. Recently I learned of the loss of your adopted son and his return to his birth mother. I am heart-broken for you, and I am writing to tell you that I am committing to pray you through your loss. I know that right now you might not think you will ever find joy in life again, but I am writing to encourage you that God is faithful. I know because three years ago, I lost three children...My eyes fastened to those four words as a shock wave went through me. I had only known of one couple who, had ever lost three of their children. I flipped the letter over to see the signature. I cannot describe all the feelings that surged through my soul when I saw the closing: With love and prayers, Jeanine Dooley. I burst into tears and called directory assistance in that small city.

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