I praise You Lord that even though I really was not walking closely with You at that time I was able to overcome my shyness and lack of sales confidence (LOL) to tell Nancy the whole Zakanaka Bear Story during the next 30 minutes. Thank You Lord that Your Word says in 1 Corinthians 13:7 that “Love BEARS all things” and indeed a seed of love was born that day that resulted in our beautiful marriage that took place exactly one year later in Boggs Chapel United Methodist Church outside Athens Georgia where my lovely Nancy became my bride.

I am deeply grateful Lord how You have continued to grow our love for You and for each other over the past 27 years. As I remember my first love my heart flutters, all over again, thinking back to standing at the alter rail and having my breath knocked out of me as I saw this very precious and beautiful young bride walk down the isle on her Dad’s arm toward me!

Oh Lord thank You for the refreshing rain these memories bring to stir an even more grateful heart in me, to You, for the wonderful gift of my darling wife.”

I sense I need to pause here and maybe consider some of the thoughts and feelings that could be going on in your heart and mind?

John 10:10: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

”Maybe in your marriage, that first love is but a faded memory and the enemy has used some tactic to steal, kill and destroy the vitality, intimacy, trust and even the love in your relationship? Maybe your heart is hardened and you just exist in your marriage accepting Satan’s lie that your marriage cannot be revived. If any of these scenes are you or someone you know come let us PRAY NOW: “Oh! Lord! Give me Your enabling power, Your grace, to forgive my spouse and myself for allowing the enemy to steal our first love. Please forgive me for any wrong I’ve caused against my spouse. Please reveal each little thing that I may need to forgive or to ask my spouse to forgive me. Search my heart oh God, restore our first love, in Jesus name amen.”


Colin & Nancy Millar

A few years ago I asked: “Lord what do You want to change in me that will draw me closer to my precious wife?”

“After a few minutes of being still in His Presence I heard quietly in my heart: “I want you to re-court your bride.” “How do I do that Lord?” “Remember your first love for her and how you courted her every day? Well, come to Me each day and ask Me how I want you to court your Sweetie today!” I never told Nancy about this little love strategy, I was just intentionally obedient to the courtship steps God gave me each day. Gradually I witnessed a deeper joy, more laughter, an air of romance manifesting in our marriage and friendship. Our prayer life together continues to deepen!

Will you re-court your spouse? Then give us testimony to what He does in your lives!

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