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Maybe you are like Jonah running in the opposite direction when God told him to go to Nineveh? It’s more likely, though, that Satan has subtly deceived you into living your life as a slave to the idol of comfort!

OUCH! No way! Not me!
Will you PRAY NOW with me? I encourage you Precious One, don’t just read this prayer, talk to God out loud I promise you He is waiting just for you. “Oh Lord, have I allowed the daily active living joy and power of Your Holy Spirit to be gradually shut off from my life? Lord am I living my life so hard in “The Pursuit of Happiness” that my continuously loaded schedule has blinded me from seeing the desperate, hurting, lost people you put in mypath every day? Oh Lord, no! Not my spouse, my children, my parents………


Father, I really want to be on mission with You! Will You show me where I may be off track, help me Jesus, thank You Lord, in Your name I pray, Amen.”

Pastor Larry York’s Call To Reach The Lost
At the beginning of this year my precious Pastor at Crossroads Baptist challenged each one of us to intentionally pursue the lost to be saved through the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. God made that challenge more specific to me by saying “Lead one person a week to me in salvation!” As I write this today, I am flying to Los Angeles to join our Global Media Outreach Prayer Leadership Team’s retreat. I spent much of the week in bed with the “junk”. Not wanting to rest unfruitfully God put a book in my hand whilst trying to find another book just like last month when I discovered

RENEW THY VOWS! I really do need to get another bookcase, but on second thoughts, maybe not, God seems to be getting me to read the books He wants me to read right out of that clutter!

Forgive me I digress………
The Book! Of course it is a must read!

Proclaiming and Living Out the Gospel

Colin Millar - Pray Now!

Many of you in my home town of The Woodlands will know Matt Carter, our sons first Youth Pastor, then Associate Pastor at TWUMC before God led he and Chris Tomlin 10 years ago to plant a start up church “The Austin Stone” in our State capital.

You know when God is trying to talk to you, just like Jonah, we often don’t’ listen the first time. Sometimes we need to go somewhere just to BE STILL and know that He is God, so we can hear what He is saying to us. I believe God is continually encouraging us to: “GO AND MAKE DESCIPLES” If you are a Christ Follower but are not proclaiming and living out the Gospel on a daily basis then maybe God has you reading this IGNITE issue as a trumpet call to get up and GO. Will you consider this quote from the last chapter of FOR THE CITY and hear what God might say to you?

“We are content to simply be with our city rather than for our city. It is difficult to live in a city and remain uninfluenced by it’s idols. Though each city manifests idolatry in unique ways, each of us is tempted to love comfort more than God. It is our fallen sinful nature to desire an unbothered, unchallenged, hassle-free, responsibility-free life. We all desire to put our life on cruise control and coast at a pace that suits our own personal agenda.

But if we want to be a church FOR our city, we must radically trust God to liberate our imaginations from the idol of comfort. We need to do more than just recognize God as our true source of comfort. Our entire lives must be seized by God’s purposes in us and in our churches. Until God replaces our desire for self-centered comfort with a desire for other-centered service, we will be slaves to the idol of comfort (Phil 2:3 regard one another more important than yourselves.) And God will not change our hearts until we lay down our idol.

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