Dear Prayer Igniter



Expect God to Ignite His Fire in you!

Precious Saint, do you believe God desires to bring His Kingdom presence through your life, in ordinary every day situations?

YES! Of course He does! So resist the devil if you are thinking any other way! (James 4:7) God continuously creates Divine Appointments just for you! Be watchful and alert and seize hold of those appointments!

I share a few recent fire-igniting vignettes with you, praying God will encourage you to:

  • Abide with Him on a daily basis then watch God bear much fruit through you.

  • Learn to abide this January by engaging with our One-Mission 21 days of fasting and prayer, no matter where you live. (see details at

So I’m in the Kroger’s queue with a few groceries; I look across to the other isle to see which is moving faster. “Just SLOW DOWN” I sense the Lord nudging in my heart as I see the teller is someone I have prayed with before but cannot remember her name.

The Lord is so good! In that moment she turns slightly, I see her name badge and greet her clearly and joyfully: “Theresa! How are you!” In that very greeting the fire of God’s love bursts into flame and 8 people standing around those till queues, (that is a line to most of you) pause and are listening when Theresa responds: “Oh I need prayer!” “How can I pray for you dear Sister?” “For my finances and children.”

Colin Millar - Pray Now!

So looking at her and watching the eyes and faces of the congregants of the new Church @ Kroger that God had just ignited, I prayed briefly: “Oh Father, thank You for Theresa, as You draw her heart to seek You first would You provide for her every financial need and bring her children close to You in Jesus name amen.”

I see agreement in some of the faces and in a few others there’s a question like: “What just happened here? I feel good inside but what is it?” Well the Lord immediately opened another Divine Appointment as I saw the man checking out, right in front of me, with a pretty full cart and I say: “Wow Sir! What a huge bag of tomatoes!”

“Yes I have seven children and they eat a lot of food!” He says in quite a strong accent. We talk a little more and as the teller rings up the total I hear the Lord saying: “I’d like you to pay for this man’s groceries.” I kinda twist my head a little to see how much the total is, the flesh part of me responding: “Well I could put $20 maybe $40 towards this, but that was a big cart full, Lord!” Of course I cannot see the total and I again hear the Lord: “Just trust Me, Son!” I whip out my credit card and the man very willingly allows me to pay his $92 grocery bill. He is very grateful and heads on his way. God uses this random act of kindness to impact the hearts of those witnesses around us. As I go out to my car there is the same man parked right next to me and over the next few minutes I get to pray for God to bring him a better job, share the gospel with him and give him a bible from my car! It was amazing and as I drove away, I was singing and praising God with great joy, Chkk-Chirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


Jeff Wells, Jamie Winship and I returned to Israel with 4 other pastors last month. God continued to deepen our friendships with The Jewish Agency for Israel and He gave me a particularly personal experience of His presence, right on the walls of...


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Gratefulness for you all our prayer and financial supporters

For your intercession with our January 21 days of fasting/prayer

For God’s leadership in our gathering momentum of our One Mission

The Power Of The Right Question:
"If there was ONE THING I could pray for you personally right now, what would it be?" Ask this question of three people every day for the rest of your life and you will see the Kingdom of God come on earth as it is in heaven.

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