Jerusalem Sunrise


It was 2:15am on Wednesday 20th November when the Lord awakened me in my Jerusalem hotel room reminding me clearly of an incident 8 years previously!

When God called us into surrendering our marketplace income and to trust Him for His provision as a full time Prayer Igniter, He also called us to sell our home, cut back expenses and lease! A miraculous story of God’s provision occurred and as we drove to our new address, 62 Fire Flicker Place, I knew immediately this was Isaiah 62 where the fire of the Holy Spirit flickers into flame! We also have a fire red door! Isaiah 62:1, 6-7 says:

“Regarding Zion, I can’t keep my mouth shut, regarding Jerusalem, I can’t hold my tongue, Until her righteousness blazes down like the sun and her salvation flames up like a torch. I’ve posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem. Day and night they keep at it, praying, calling out, reminding God to remember. They are to give him no peace until he does what he said, until he makes Jerusalem famous as the City of Praise.”

The taste of His presence was sweet like honey over the next four hours reading, praying and soaking in His Word. I watched a fiery sun rise and then went for a Prayer Run along and on top of THE WALLS OF JERUSALEM!! Oh my goodness! To be actually walking as a watchman on the walls of Jerusalem crying out for God to restore His peace and presence in His own city was just a radical experience of the presence of our living God.

There were three things God strongly emphasized in my heart that early morning in Israel.

  • The One Heart 24/7 Prayer Initiative is of vital importance in our home community: Watch the One Heart video:

  • Begin to enquire about igniting and uniting prayer initiatives in and for Israel

  • Ignite and encourage the fire of Christ’s love to be shared through every heart you have influence into!


Recently, I’d walked out of Macy’s Galleria, with my Sweetie, having greeted the Muslim sales clerk, who’d made a genuine and friendly heart response. I said: “Sweetie, can you wait a minute, I need to go back and ask that Muslim lady if I can pray for her.”

MiriamI went back, thanked Miriam very much for her sincere greeting of me and then asked: “If there was one thing I could pray for you personally what would it be?” She was so moved and said, “Please pray that God would show me the straight path.” I prayed very briefly in Jesus name that the Lord would show her the way, the truth and the life. She was filled with joy and gratefulness, as was I to the Lord for leading me to go back and thank her.

A second incident followed shortly after this at a local Woodlands restaurant. You see, before I had mostly avoided Muslims thinking what would I say but there is really no barrier to them being treated as more important than ourselves. Philippians 2:3

Again I was with my Sweetie just walking out of this restaurant going past a table with a Muslim family. I simply stopped and said: “Good morning to you all! I just wanted to express how grateful we are that you are a part of our community and may God richly bless you and your families!” they were completely taken aback and broke in to large smiles, thanking me for greeting them. A small deed but again the fire of God’s love ignited at that table in that minute of conversation.

Will You Share Christ’s Love? I challenge you in these ways during this Christmas season.

Will you:
Intentionally reach out to people God puts in your path every day!
Ignite the fire of Christ’s love in your heart and share Him with others.

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