hard, make great effort or be diligent to enter that rest. Christopher preached on “Rest” at UHBC in Huntsville the next day after our 92-mile bike ride using a video illustration he made while biking at 20mph!! I encourage you to go to this link and listen!


Breaking A Pain Barrier Through Prayer

I want to share one other piece of our Bike Around The Bay ride with you, which also gives a vivid illustration of what it can mean to P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens) through a prayer Burden. I want to encourage you precious Saint, if you have been praying into something without response keep laboring! Mothers you really know what laboring is about!

On one of our training rides a month ago, at the 65/80 mile point both my legs were seized in vice grip like cramp pains. I was unable to move! I sent Christopher on and hitched a truck ride home amidst more pain wrenching leg cramps.

I confess that there were some anxious thoughts before and during our ride that October 12th! Back on our bikes, shortly after our lunch break, and 20 miles to go, I felt a leg cramp coming on! “LORD HELP ME I CRIED OUT AT THE TOP OF MY VOICE!!”
At my pained request, Christopher and Dylan pulled off into a gas station driveway and I cried out in prayer again: “Lord I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus!” Declaring the living active word of God from Romans 8:37 to be made living and active in my body! At that moment, instead of dismounting my bike and surrendering to the leg cramp pain, I stood up on my pedals cried out again: “Oh Lord Your grace is sufficient for me and Your strength is made perfect in my leg cramps!” (2 Cor 12:9) and pedaled back out onto the road by faith, diligently seeking that point of rest in God, where there would be no pain!

Over the next 15 miles to the Bolivar ferry, I prayed the scriptures out loud, pedaling 100 strokes standing then 100 strokes sitting. In the midst of this victory over pain pursuit through prayer the Lord spoke very clearly to me about the:

One Heart Initiative

“This is the persevering prayer with which you and the Prayer Leaders of The Woodlands need to press into to see 24/7 prayer established across your region!”

The Prayer Leaders of One Mission
invite you to join us at the

One Heart Prayer Initiative


Thur. November 7th 11am-1pm
Hosted At StoneBridge Church
Please register by email to attend:

We believe God is calling congregations in The Woodlands and Montgomery County to unite with One Heart in prayer; through a 24/7 prayer initiative.

What is the “One Heart” 24/7 Prayer Initiative?

It is congregations covering our community and county in nonstop prayer and worship.

Our goal is to enlist local congregations to take one day a month to pray by identifying people in their membership who will take “prayer shifts” to ensure around-the-clock prayer on that day.

To date twelve Congregations have committed to cover one day/month in prayer.

It’s our heart’s desire that through ceaseless Prayer and Worship we would spread a passion for the ‘Supremacy of Christ’ in all things!


Psalm 100 ~ A Song Of Thanksgiving
We at Igniting Prayer Action enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. We praise our God for how He is expanding our territories and how He is using each of you as a part of that through your prayers and gifts.


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  The Power Of The Right Question:
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