OUTSIDE JEWISH AGENCY FOR ISRAEL From Left: Clark Lowenfield, John Parks, Mike Walsh, Hank Marion, Randy Harvey, Jeff Wells, Dvora Ganani, Glen King, Brian Jenkins, Colin Millar, Jamie & Donna Winship.

Although numbers of individual Christian leaders have visited the JAFI HQ we were the first group of Christian leaders from 9 different congregations to come in the unity of our hearts to serve as One Mission and this was a factor that God used to overwhelm our hosts.

During the rest of our time we visited 5 JAFI Projects where we were deeply impacted at both the desperate need, particularly for the children and the amazing dedication, zeal and passion of the young Jewish and Muslim project leaders to serve their own people. There is of course amidst all this an incredibly deceptive web of racial, political and religious complexity for which only our God has the solutions.


This was my most heart impacting time as we got to build friendship with a fellow South African, on the eve before Rosh Hashanah. As we sat out on the porch of Alan’s beautiful home overlooking the walls of Jerusalem he shared how he had come to Israel from Johannesburg in 1967 during the 6 day war.(Alan’s Dad worked at the very hospital where I was born!) Then Alan asked each of our team to share what we had experienced while visiting the 5 different projects. Once again it is very difficult to describe in words, but as each of us shared there was a stronger and stronger presence of God. Randy Harvey so powerfully expressed how the people of JAFI mirrored God’s heart for His people in the way that they would do anything to rescue a fellow Jew from any part of the world.

It was then, that our host, Alan said, “ I have never experienced anything like this! It is as if there is a WELLSPRING OF ENERGY here.” We knew this to be the very presence of our God!

Jamie Winship, Meryl Weissmann,
Alan Hoffman and Colin

We walked down the hill to a delightful restaurant continuing our dialogue. We were amazed when Jeff asked Alan to describe any bad experiences he’s had in working with Christians, and Alan said he had never worked with any Christian pastors. In closing Alan gave us an incredible invitation to begin building a partnership together. I can see you bringing groups of business leaders, lawyers, dentists, doctors and each of them engaging with our respective groups.

Just a day after our return we received this beautiful note from our new friend and Gate Keeper Dvora Ganani.

Dear Pastors/Brothers in the Kingdom:

I cannot thank you enough for the love and care you brought to me and my people in Israel. Thank you for demonstrating to Natan and Alan and Nella my dream that true Christian believers are the hope of Israel becoming a "Light to the Nations". This has been my prayer to God for many, many years and He has used you men to bring it to pass. You have moved me even closer to God and helped me see Him more clearly.
I look forward to our future together and how our cities and countries will be blessed.

Much love and gratitude,


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