Pat Campbell

Pat was an integral part of the leadership team that God used to close off hundreds of burning oil wells in Kuwait. They had to have a FIRE TIGHT

Satan often uses the picture
of hell fire to put doubt into
a heart as to whether one
is definitively saved!

ASSURANCE against those hell fires erupting once again.

This past month God has put 6 people in separate situations in my path where there had been some degree of doubt as to what will happen when they die? As you read this account of the joy and confidence God brings when we stand by faith on His Word may you be assured of your own salvation or if that is already secure then will you intentionally go forth and be used of God to bring salvation assurance into other people’s lives?

Last week I was coming out of one of the companies where I regularly visit and pray for the staff. I had made friends and prayed with the new security guard in the lobby and was just saying goodbye to him when he said to me: “I hope to see you again soon!” I responded while walking away, “Oh you will definitely see me again!” In that instant I heard the whisper of God’s voice in my heart, “Go back and make sure he will see you again!” “YES LORD!”

As I turned back an overwhelming sense of God’s love for this man just welled up within me, I looked him straight in the eye and said: “I know we have prayed together but I never like to assume anything when it comes to the salvation promises of God. So let me ask you my friend, if we were both to die right now how sure are you that you would be saved from eternal death and go to heaven? 40-50% sure, 80-90% sure or are you 100% certain?” “Well, I think I am saved, but I am probably only 80% sure?”

There are many ways of sharing the gospel but the main thing is to share the truth as the Holy Spirit leads you. You do not need to be an expert! If you were saved an hour ago you have the best expert Inside of you! I challenge you to intention your heart to pray for someone today and share the gospel of Christ as He leads.

I then asked: Do you believe the Bible is true?
Do you believe you are a sinner? Do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God? OK so let me quote you John 3:16 and I emphasis the “will not perish but have everlasting life” part and ask does it say you only 80% chance will not perish?

Then I quoted slowly Romans 10:9 which concludes, “you will be saved!” There is no doubt; it is a 100% guaranteed promise. At this point, (1- 2 minutes) the radiant joy of Jesus came over this man, we high fived that he was now 100% certain of his salvation. I led and he followed in a simple prayer recommitting our lives to serving Christ and being bold witnesses for Jesus.

As I walked down the stairs into the car park there was one of the staff from the company I had just visited. Well as I shared the good news of the security guard with her she said she had been uncertain of her salvation and had wanted to talk about it! God brought this dear woman into the same place of joy and assurance!! Thank You Lord!


  • Surrender/resurrender your life to Jesus
  • Step into the 100% assurance of salvation
  • Commit to pray for others daily and as God opens hearts be bold to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Attend our Online School of Prayer.


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