“Well you could ask first!” So I asked one of the other barbers by first thanking him for what a great shop they have, and if he would be open if I prayed a blessing over everyone in the shop? (Thanking someone first for whatever they do always opens their heart to being receptive for your next question) He leapt into action, turned the loud TV right down asked everyone to be quiet and gave me the floor! When God does open up opportunities to pray for people PRAY BRIEFLY. Just praying a particular scripture will help you pray a short focused prayer and so this is how I prayed:

“Lord God I praise You for each of these men of a mighty God and that they honor You in their business. I pray out of Zechariah 9:13 that You will bend each of these men as Your bow and fill the bow of their lives with fruitfulness so that they will stir up Your sons and daughters to good deeds. Lord send Your truth through them as arrows of lightening and blow Your trumpet over them in Jesus name amen.”

Suddenly, everything changed, the TV was replaced with wonderful worship music, conversations changed to talking about the Lord and the presence of the Lord filled the shop, their was laughter and little children played happily. The kingdom of God was at hand.




Still with Mum and Dad, I was out on my prayer run on Monday morning and saw cars beginning to pull up at this little church which we have visited over the years when in Florida. Yes indeed like us at my church they were having VBS the 3rd week in June and I was facilitating prayer for our VBS.

As I ran by, praying for the GMO leadership team, I sensed the Lord saying: “You could go in and pray over this VBS Team.” Within moments I had run past the church, not because I was running so fast but again I was sort of arguing with the Lord, with thoughts like this “I can’t just burst in there, a total stranger, all sweaty and say I want to pray for them!”

20 minutes later I had turned around in my running loop and sure enough there were a lot more people at the church and again the Lord is encouraging me to go in and pray for them, boy was I ever slow to obedience, stopping 2 more times and then running on, stopping and eventually I said: “OK LORD I’M GOING IN”

As I walked in the doorway in my running gear, I was not too out of place as most people had shorts and T-Shirts on for HOT temperature VBS days. I introduced myself to the first lady at the door saying I was visiting from Houston and praying for our own VBS and would love to pray over their staff/volunteers!


Literally, within one minute, the senior VBS leader has called all the staff/volunteers into the sanctuary about 40 people so far and introduced me as going to pray for them. I shared with them what I have just written here to you and got such a joyful and grateful reception. They were overwhelmed that God would send a man all the way from Houston to pray for their VBS in their little church in Gateway, Florida!

I could tell that God had already filled them with a high level of expectancy for their VBS. I had the joy to lead this church family in prayer, again praying out of God’s Word into each aspect of their VBS adventure. Their Pastor prayed over our Crossroads VBS, my Dad’s surgery and me!! Oh my goodness did I ever get blessed indeed! That morning the Kingdom of God came on earth as it is in heaven in a totally joy filling way to all that prayed and all that got prayed for, THANK YOU JESUS!

• Spend time in worship & His Word daily
• Be totally God dependent, trust Him alone
• Be intentionally attentive, receptive and alert
• Be responsive, if you find yourself arguing like I did, it is probably a God Set Up!

“Lord God in heaven we thank You for blessing us indeed! Thank You Lord for all the prayers and financial gifts given to support Your call on our lives to Igniting Prayer Action. Please bless each Prayer Igniter indeed! Put Your hand upon them, in Jesus name we pray, amen.”

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