Intercessory Prayer Meeting

Ministry leaders and Pastors from accross the city of Houston are calling the watchman to the wall in response to an invitation from the Lord. The Lord has declared He is coming to Houston this year if His people will ask Him. We are in desperate need of the Lord in our city. We are in need of revival. We are in need of transformation. Come join us for a prayer meeting on Monday, June 3rd at 3am as we gather to declare who God is and welcome Him into our city!

- - Location - -
New Haven House of Prayer
6262 Creekside Green
The Woodlands, TX 77389
Phone (281) 351-6262
Fax: (281) 255-9862

We would like to invite Senior Pastors and Prayer Leaders to join us for a vision and strategy breakfast immediately following the prayer service at 6am.

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For more information please contact New Haven House of Prayer

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