I explained about our address list and she showed me her computer screen to prove that absolutely no emails had come in from Dawn with IPA’s address list and then Janet (Not her real name) said: “Oh Yes! That is the very project I was working on, the redesign of your return address labels!”

I breathed out this prayer: “Oh Lord thank You for keeping my tongue silent!” We sorted out the rest of our business and I thanked Janet, saying I’d email the address list my self in 20 minutes from home.

I’d walked several steps away from the counter when I heard the Lord speak into my heart: “What about your One Thing prayer question?”
I turned on my heal and spoke boldly but gently to Janet saying: “I just want to thank you very much for being such a great help to us, and to express my appreciation if there was one thing I could pray now for you personally, what would it be?

As I was asking, Janet the question, her lips began to tremble and as I said the word “PRAY” tears began to form in her eyes and her response was immediate in a sobbing voice she uttered these words: “My ha-ha happiness!” Huge tears just coursed down her cheeks, I reached across the counter taking her hands in mine and just prayed very simply for God to bless Janet and restore joy in her life in the name of Jesus.” As I finished praying I asked if I could just give her a big hug to which she agreed and I just held her in my arms while her sobbing subsided.

I stepped back and said: “Janet, I deeply believe that God stopped Dawn’s emails from getting through so that we could come before His throne of grace in prayer tonight, we had just experienced A GOD SET UP DIVINE APPOINTMENT.

I talked to the Lord all month about this story and of telling it in such detail. God assured me that as you have read this story He wants to use you to bring His love touch into lives through prayer so:

  • Be expectant of Divine Appointments every day to pray!
  • Ask God to speak to you in a way that you will hear Him speaking!
  • Commit to asking the One Thing Prayer question of at least two people every day.

Last night I was booking our flights on United Air miles to go and visit my Sweetie’s Mum and Dad in Florida. 99% of the time sales/customer service people will ask at the end of your business: “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

It is a perfect set up for: “Actually, yes there is, I am so grateful for the way you have served me, if there was one thing I could pray now for you, personally, what would it be?” After I had prayed a simple prayer of blessing on this dear woman’s family she said: “In seventeen years of working for United Airlines I have never been so blessed by a customer call as I have tonight!”


Sharing Ice Cream


Our home is your home! We got to share a very special Memorial weekend with our dear friends the Bloss family. Aaron, Jessie, Caden (4), Addison (2) and Regan (8 months) Aaron and I serve together at GMO and are prayer partners every Monday am.

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Precious Intercessors,
I ask you to ask God if He wants you to attend this community and city uniting and igniting Monday morning Prayer Watch?

If He does please trust and obey and I will see you there!
Chkk-Chirrrrrrrrrrrrrr Colin


Intercessory Prayer Meeting

Ministry leaders and Pastors from accross the city of Houston are calling the watchman to the wall in response to an invitation from the Lord. The Lord has declared He is coming to Houston this year if His people will ask Him. We are in desperate need of the Lord in our city. We are in need of revival. We are in need of transformation. Come join us for a prayer meeting on Monday, June 3rd at 3am as we gather to declare who God is and welcome Him into our city!

- - Location - -
New Haven House of Prayer
6262 Creekside Green
The Woodlands, TX 77389
Phone (281) 351-6262
Fax: (281) 255-9862
Email: info@newhavenhop.com

We would like to invite Senior Pastors and Prayer Leaders to join us for a vision and strategy breakfast immediately following the prayer service at 6am.

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