Precious Kingdom Bringer

It is a joy filled habit our Father has given me to take several days away to abide with Him alone, 3 times a year. I rest, listen, walk, read, listen, talk a little. Often I just praise Him in the midst of His glorious creation, as in this sunrise last month.

Seagulls at Sunrise in Galveston

I also use these days to prayer-pare for church and GMO prayer retreats that I have the joy to facilitate. Let us PRAY NOW: “I praise You Father God and ask that as I read this Ignite story that You will encourage me to take time away just to abide with You dear Lord, in Jesus name we pray, amen.” I whisper this into your ear: if you are married and have not been away with your spouse for at least 2-3 days in the last 6 months, just the two of you, no work, no ministry, then PLEASE do that first before taking time away with the Lord alone!


I was hungry after 2 hours of prayer walking on the beach. Though I seldom stay in 5 star hotels, when I do visit them, I walk and greet staff in a joy filled and confident way as though I was one of their most regular guests, after all we are children of the King right? I cannot tell you how many times I have received upgrades and all kinds of favor for these are what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints.” Ephesians 1:18 From the beach I walked up the magnificent palm lined stairway of the San Luis Galveston Hotel, proclaiming in a strong joy-filled confidant voice to the 4 perfectly dressed valet attendants: “A wonderful good morning to you Gentlemen! May God bless you in this magnificent day He has made! They each snapped to attention greeting me with big smiles as if I was the very owner of the hotel. Then across the vast reception atrium I almost sang “Good morning” to the 4 staff in attendance.

Colin Millar - Pray Now!

You may be thinking: “This type of expectant walk Colin is describing sounds a little arrogant or pride filled to me?”

It could well be pride filled if I were walking through the hotel thinking I was the owner as compared with walking in humility and the attitude of Christ and the staff thinking I may be the owner!

Walking joyfully yet humbly and expectantly like this with a willingness to serve or pray for anyone God shines His light on through your eyes brings the revelation of His presence as you will see in the rest of this story.

I did not stay here but was
treated as if I did

As I had been abiding in Him for the previous 4 hours He was abiding in me. I had begun the day very early with a DVD worshipful experience by a new friend Tim McKenzie of www.oneveryword.org On Every Word Ministry proclaims the Word of God with power and passion by combining the spoken Word with multimedia to create worshipful Scriptural journeys. Tim provides an audiovisual experience of worship that brings both a rich and sweet resting in God’s presence.

The Lord brought fruitfulness in the midst of abiding with Him.

“I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in Him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing.” John 15:5 I walked up to the reception in the lovely but nearly empty restaurant then I was warmly greeted and seated overlooking Galveston Bay.

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