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Jason & his company did some work for us while we were in partnership at Harvest Time Church.

I have no reservations about recommending him and his company. Everything I have encountered with them has been professional, ethical and satisfactory on all levels. The creative work we commissioned Jason and his team to do for us has been excellent!

Ralph Wheeler
Executive Director
YMCA of Greater Houston

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Is your internet marketing campaign funneling customers to you, or is it just sending money to a web company? We have all heard it said "If you build it, they will come"; well in this new and ever-changing age of technology that just isn't the case anymore - especially for websites.

At BUILDINGBLOCKS Media Group, we believe that you need solid metrics in place to accurately measure the return on your marketing dollars; so all of our Internet Marketing programs are built with this goal in mind. We want you to be confident that your ROI - Return On Investment goals are met and one way to do that is by asking your potential web vendor the right questions. Here are a few to consider...

  • Does this proposal consider placing my site on Google, Yahoo, MSN (bing), AOL and

  • Will you show me the amount of impressions and clicks to my website?

  • Can you help me understand where people are going on my website?

  • Will you provide me the name, phone number and location of users that are calling me as a result of my internet marketing campaign?

  • Will you record phone calls for me to listen to at my convenience to ensure I am receiving qualified leads?

  • Will you be able to determine which keywords perform better for my company and work to ensure I am making the most of my investment?

Now here’s the reality of it all…Any smart vendor would answer ‘yes’ to these questions; but those with the capacity to perform will also provide samples of their work and successes. Now that is a vendor you can trust!

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This month we are honored to feature Refining Redefining. We had the pleasure of working with this author, speaker and personal coach on developing her new identity and brand across multiple platforms.

Refining Redefining is a personal empowerment firm that was developed in order to equip individuals and organizations to refine the way they redefine themselves. Their programs, products, and services all have a singular focus: build up the individual. He or she can then build up their family, community, businesses, and even their world.

The goal is to provide programs that will challenge and guide their clients in recognizing, acknowledging, and overcoming the self-imposed limitations that may pose a hindrance to their sustained growth and development.

Click the links below to view their new Identity Package and their new Website!

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To learn more about how Refining Redefining can help you redefine yourself, or your organization for the express purpose of sustaining growth and development, please visit them online at


Recently I read an article in Entrepreneur Magazine * that answered the myth behind "cheap" websites being a cost effective solution for start up businesses and organizations that have limited budgets.

In the article they discussed a term called "The Gold Standard" which speaks to a company’s credibility or the website features & design that encourages trust. I’d like to highlight 3 key elements that a site must have in order to register on the "Gold Standard" chart...

  • An Attractive & Professional Design - the problem with the "website overnight, website in a box or do-it-yourself website" solution is simply the fact that it looks like an non-professional put it together. These sites do not reflect the identity or brand of your organization. This subtly communicates to prospects that you place little value in how you present yourself or your company.

  • Error-Free, Engaging, Informative Content - none of the do-it-yourself or overnight solutions offer copywriting services or options. Your content needs to consider key phrases, keywords, call to actions, your unique selling propsition, images, graphics and videos. A firm with a copywriter can accomplish this for you and position you as the expert in your field of service.

  • Keep Your Site Ad Free - avoid Pop-ups, Google ads and other plug ins that cheapen the appearance of your website. These features tend to question the integrity of a company, and can be a huge turn-off to customers who are searching for genuine information, product details, and services.

*Reference: Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2009 for complete Article


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