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Jason L. Hamilton, CEO
1 888 978 0009

Stan Abiassi, VP of Development (Sales & Business Development)
1 888 978 0009 x 100

Deborah Jones, Production Manager
1 888 978 0009 x 200

Rosalind Hamilton, CFO (Accounts Receivables & Payables)
1 888 978 0009 x 400


My company and I have known Jason Hamilton & BUILDINGBLOCKS for over 7 years. We have been involved in printing many of their projects over that time period.

We really enjoy printing their designs, they are full of vibrant color. BUILDINGBLOCKS seems to capture the clients' message and conveys that message throughout their work. Further, Jason is a pleasure to work with. He always strives to understand his clients' needs and works diligently to fill those needs.

I wholeheartedly endorse BUILDINGBLOCKS Media Group, LLC to any group that desires to improve their public image.

Al Denson, Former CEO
KKP Business Solutions

FEATURED Portfolios:

Clifton Davis

James Fortune



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